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  1. Thanks for the words of hope brother lol like you say after a good tune it should act accordingly and thanks for the videos man you got a sweet set up call you fastnali! Forced induction is in the plans for down the road for me
  2. Thanks for the post denalix14 before going on the dyno it’s upgrading new CAI, ported l86 manifold & l86 throttle body, RX CATCHCAN and I am planning on switching to e85. My main concern is that I get rid of this flapping/vibration with a proper tune after the mods. What type of setup are you running?
  3. I have a dynotune appointment coming up in a couple of weeks so I hope that’s what it needs
  4. What’s up Znation, this is my first post and new to the the site I recently Installed a set of speed engineering headers the install was perfect I hook them up to a 3 inch true dual exhaust to A 2in 2out Flowmaster muffler. I also removed the old muffler valve but I still have this vibration/flapping sound inside of my cabin does anybody else have a similar experience after installing a set of headers and new exhaust I still have not tuned the truck so it still switches from v4 to v8 But I was wondering if a proper computer and Dyno tune might set her straight? I appreciate anybody’s input thank you!
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