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  1. The brushed aluminum matches the trim in the dash. That would be the direction I'd want to go too.
  2. That looks clean. Can you get us a shot of it with the screen on and displaying something?
  3. Thanks. If I put the truck in tow/haul mode it swaps out the battery/charging gauge for the trans temp gage on the screen in the dash. I got the harness replaced today that had the sensor in it. Temps were reading 150ish on the way home. Definitely higher than it was before. My friend is the tech at the dealer I took it too. He confirmed the old sensor was done.
  4. Looks like I'll be scheduling some service on mine today. Got some codes over the weekend for P0700 and P0711. The transmission temp sensor is causing it. The temps seem to either read 0° most of the time or if it registers it's only up to about 120°. What do your trans temp readouts look like in normal driving? Seems to be that it should be in the high 100's to low 200's as that is the center of the gauge.
  5. I've got the P0711 code on mine now too. Search led me to this thread. My truck is a 16 model with 63k miles on it. I've recently had the 18 NA 355 trans flush done and now this is popping up on it. I did find this video on Youtube that goes through it.
  6. Seems this is in the wrong forum too. Can a mod move it over to troubleshooting? Thanks, Adam
  7. Bumping to see if anyone has updates for a part number for this harness. My truck got the CEL for these codes today also. It didn't affect drive-ability yet, but when I clicked on the tow/haul mode I noticed the temp gage was reading 0. So I figured it was just a sensor that has gone bad. For what it's worth I was driving in heavy rain when it came on. I can see that it is a wire harness that must be replaced. This shouldn't be that bad of a job. Truck is a 6.2 with 62.5k miles.
  8. Hope everyone gets some Christmas goodies!! Looking forward to seeing what you guys post in the next couple weeks.
  9. Yeah. That's about how I would describe it - a minor click type movement. I can definitely feel it though, only happens when going around turns. I'm not sure I can even hear it so much as I feel it.
  10. Oh, and after my 1500 mile weekend road trip - the clunk is still there in the driver seat. Ugh.
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