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  1. What headlights are you planning to go with? I'm considering the same thing.
  2. Will never go back to a 5.3 love the 6.2. Have company truck with the 5.3 and hate driving it.
  3. I can tell you that I love my 6.5" zone lift with upgraded Fox shocks in the rear. Wouldn't change anything about it.
  4. Thanks - Did not modify the upper control arms - didn't need to. Only thing I did was upgrade to Fox shocks in the rear. People always get in my truck thinking it will ride rough and always end up amazed that it doesn't. Its really a factory like ride if not better. Oh and I've had it on there for approx. 40,000 miles and no "lift caused" repairs of any kind.
  5. Going back to original post, I've been really happy with my 61/2" zone lift. I'm sure there are other lifts that are just as good and maybe better but I can say that I'm happy with mine and the ride quality is very good. I will not be looking to take my truck back to stock. Mine is a 2016 and I'm running stock wheels with 35" tires on it.
  6. I had my zone lift re-torqued after probably close to 1,000 miles. The installer wanted to when I had my tires rotated and balanced. Said it was just a good practice. I wouldn't worry about it being more than 500 miles but I'd do it when I got back from the trip just for the peace of mind.
  7. I have the same issue on my 2016. If I let it get really empty its worse so I try to fill up when I get to around 1/4 of a tank and it usually works fine.
  8. This is mine - not exactly what you are looking for as I have a 6" lift but those are factory 20" wheels with 35" ridge graps.
  9. Thought I would update this just in case someone else has an issue. The part finally came in and it was fixed. Apparently there is a service bulletin out on this issue and it was fixed and I was not charged for the fix.
  10. I've got a 6" zone lift with 35" nitto ridge grapplers. I love it. I do think it rides somewhat better or atleast the same as stock setup. I wouldn't change anything about it.
  11. I run the ridge grapplers and have for a little over 30,000 miles they are great and still very quiet. Ive got a 6" lift so I run 35" tires so can't help you with size.
  12. Wow. I wasn’t even having any issues besides that hard shift every once in awhile. So it sounds like I’m in for a fun time with the transmission then. They tell me me I can’t drive it so I just want it fixed at this point.
  13. My 2016 Sierra with the 6.2 has been at the dealership for over a week now. Had the check engine light come on and it read codes of something about transmission flow issue and they I guess determined it was the temp sensor. Well apparently the temp sensor is on national backorder so they have no idea when it will be available. Anyone have any experience with national backorder?
  14. I've got a Iphone 7 but have a mophie case on mine that handles wireless charging. The truck charger works great with it. I've enjoyed not having to deal with wires.
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