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  1. Just got off the phone with my service advisor and was told they installed the tcm today and it blew 2 more fuses. They have no idea what to do now and are awaiting instructions from the gm engineers yet again. I have told them about this harness issue being a problem for lots of people but they just keep avoiding it.
  2. When you contacted the lemon law attorneys did they do anything for you
  3. They are also saying that the harness isn’t the culprit this time.do you recall what the tsb number is for the harness
  4. I believe it was the tcm I have already contacted the gm customer care and had the issue escalated I am supposed to be getting a call back I guess we will see if that actually happens it did also blow the 400a main as well I have also made complaints with gm and the bbb as well as the national highway safety
  5. Not really sure the Chevy engineer looked at it today and says the “tsm” is faulty whatever that means and that they are going to order and try and have gm push a new one their way but warned me in advance they are a hot item right now with all these issues and are currently on backorder and could take a while to get their hands on but that’s the next step so sounds like I’ll be without my truck for a while nothing like making payments on a brand new truck and paying insurance on something I can’t drive
  6. A lawsuit sounds like an added expense to a truck that already doesn’t work at 199 miles. And what did they finally do to fix the vehicle properly. And what was the unacceptable fix I just want to be sure I am armed with all the right information when I go to my dealer today. Also isn’t there a tsb on the transmission shutter
  7. It’s currently in the shop now and they have begun the diagnostics on it. Even though we already know what’s wrong they are going to get the engineers at Chevrolet involved again
  8. Is there any light at the end of this tunnel my truck has 199 miles on it all the same problems plus some something to do with the wiring harness and bad grounds or what knot Chevy engineers have already looked at it once. Also rolled through a stop sign with 3 kids in the truck also has the loud clicking under the dash and won’t allow the truck to start or do anything for that matter I’ve seen where they have said that the harness wires are getting chaffed and cut has anyone had a successful repair made yet?
  9. I’ve seen there are no shortage of people whose 19 silverados have had the famous service esc, parking break, transmission, and brake lights come one and the whole truck goes haywire. Has anyone had a successful repair yet. My truck has 199 miles on it and is at the dealership for a second time already almost lost all brake and it did roll through an intersection while trying to stop pedal went weak and took forever to stop. I’ve called gm and made my complaint and they are saying no known tsb or recall or known knowledge of this being a problem witch is incorrect what do I do now?
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