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  1. when you remove the piece of plastic at the bottom of the seat on the outside, there are 2 clips on the top of it and 5 plastic strip which fits into the slots provided for this purpose. BUT, with the 1 inch lift, the slats are then too short to fit into the slots, so I extended them with popsicle sticks !! then there will be a 1 inch visibility which I simply concealed with duct tape.
  2. I have the Silverado 2019 WT and I found the driver's seat too low, unfortunately this model has no height adjustment for the seat. I need 1 inch in height, which makes all the difference. I thought of using hockey pucks but after reading there is a risk of sagging over time. After some research, I found on Ebay an aftermarquet company, which makes a set to raise the seat of the silverado, however I found that the asking price including the delivery was too high for a few pieces of metal and 4 bolts! ($ 265.00 Canada) I also own a Jeep Wrangler 2015 2 doors (my toy for the summer !!!) when I looked at accessories on Amazon, I noticed that there is a set of aluminum block that exists to upgrade the rear seat of a Jeep. (the set also exists in DELRIN.) but aluminum is more solid. ((Do this search: Black Aluminum Rear Seat Recline Kit with Bolts and Washers for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2017 4 Door)) The dimensions of these blocks are EXACTLY what I needed for my project concerning the elevation of the seat of the Silverado! The other parts of this set are useless, the bolts do not do as they are for a Jeep, but I go at the store bought 4 bolt M10 - 1.50 - 60, make sure to take grade 12.9 for the resistances. The holes are already made, but you only need to drill another hole on one of them for perfect fit. The plastic finish at the bottom of the seat has been patented with popsicle sticks to lengthen the tabs which are encrusted in holes, then completed with duct tape. I am fully satisfied with this modification which costs me only $ 26.00 canada. See my photos !!!
  3. my first animal (moose) in this 2019 trucks ...
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