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  1. can you tell me what the set up on the blue rst is. I have the same wheel and trying to figure out whether to do a small lift or a level and what tire size and that beast looks perfect.
  2. On another note, i was told by the accessories guy at the dealer that a 2.25 level would be no different than getting the 2 inch gm lift. Does anyone buy that? It seems the Trail Boss sits higher than the leveled trucks i have seen.
  3. Looks almost exactly like mine. I appreciate the info tremendously.
  4. i do not have any social media accounts. If you run across any that you could post sometime that would be awesome. If not, i totally understand that too.
  5. I have spent countless hours on that site and others trying to find someone with the exact wheel setup. I am not saying i cannot overlook somethings but to my knowledge i haven't seen it. Thnaks for offering.
  6. Hello All, My 19 RST came with the factory accessory 22's and i am would like everyone's professional advice. I want to either level or lift the truck. I do not want to go with a full lift to avoid chopping up my new truck and I really want to avoid buying new wheels. If you all could let me know which route you think would work best for my setup I would appreciate the help. I am looking at your everyday 2-2.25 inch level or one of the 3-4 inch "lifts" on the market with 33-35 inch tires. If anyone has a similar setup i would love to see the pictures of the truck as i cannot really find anything online to compare to. i have uploade the photo of my exact wheels from Chevy. I appreciate the help.
  7. Thanks for the info. I figured that would be the answer but was hoping for some work around.
  8. First off let me apologize if this has been covered before. I could not find info in the search. Does anyone know how to disable the auto play for music? It drives me nuts that as soon as I get in my truck Apple Music kicks on automatically. I’m the type who wants my music when I want it, not just because it turns on as soon as the start button is pushed. Any info is appreciated and again my apologies if this is covered.
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