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  1. I appreciate the info and will look them up after work.
  2. Shadow gray metallic. I should have listened to my better judgement and spent the money for paint protection.
  3. Looking for best recommendations as where to find touch up paint. The ones I have found online do not use the same paint name as GM. I have a RST and the rock chip on the bumper is causing too much anxiety in my life.
  4. Sorry if this is not posted in the correct spot, but I’m unable to post in the marketplace yet. I’m located in Jacksonville Fl, and was wondering if anyone would like to swap factory 22 inch wheels. I’d Be willing to meet within a reasonable distance if someone is interested. I have the 6 spoke and would like to swap for the 5 spoke.
  5. I can’t remember for sure but I am running 30 or 35 on the front. It definitely helps, my drive to work is heading due East and drive home is due west so I’m constantly facing the sun. I will say that my only complaint is at night if I am making a turn it is sometimes extremely difficult to see anything outside of directly in front of you. Oh, and I did something a little different. I did the entire front windshield and then added a limo strip at top to add a little extra sun blockage.
  6. I’m right there with you. I have looked at every single truck I could find online with a similar setup. I have seen several trucks with a small lift and these same accessory wheels and truth be told it’s not the vision I was hoping for. Now with that said I’ve seen some with the other 22 accessory wheels and it looks great. I’ve also wrestled with lift or leveled decision due to warranty. The dealership I bought from says it’s a nonissue but they are not in my local area. The few I have visited here said it will absolutely be denied warranty work regardless of its suspension related or not. I
  7. About a week or so old but here to share nonetheless. Limo on sides and back with 35% on the entire windshield with a limo strip at the top. Rest of build should start soon, if I can stop second guessing myself that is.
  8. I will definitely post pics of finished product. Just got it tinted with limo all the way around with 35% on the front windshield with a limo strip at the top. Was really worried about how it would turn out especially trying to see out of it but man let me tell you. It’s the best decision I made so far. I was really hesitant but now that I have adjusted to it, it makes driving directly into the sunrise every morning so much more bearable. Thanks again for the insight on my rig.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have the factory 6 split spoke 22’s and will run those for now. I’ve talked to every 4x4 shop we have locally and they all have different answers and are noncommittal to doing anything on these trucks. I’m assuming that’s just who I’m dealing with here, because I spoke to a shop out of state and he was an open book of information.
  10. I know this has been covered before I am sure, but I was wondering if anyone has run this setup on a level kit. Every shop where I am located is absolutely refusing to put it on regardless of trimming needed to make it work. Heck I can’t really find a straight answer if it’s even remotely possible. If you or anyone you know has done this, I’ll take all the info and pics you’ve got. I can’t even get the shops here to commit to installing one of the no cut 3-4 inch lifts out there and I’m not mechanically talented enough to feel comfortable doing it myself.
  11. can you tell me what the set up on the blue rst is. I have the same wheel and trying to figure out whether to do a small lift or a level and what tire size and that beast looks perfect.
  12. On another note, i was told by the accessories guy at the dealer that a 2.25 level would be no different than getting the 2 inch gm lift. Does anyone buy that? It seems the Trail Boss sits higher than the leveled trucks i have seen.
  13. Looks almost exactly like mine. I appreciate the info tremendously.
  14. i do not have any social media accounts. If you run across any that you could post sometime that would be awesome. If not, i totally understand that too.
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