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  1. Hello all! My parents are getting older and it is getting harder for them to get into my truck. I am looking at getting some nerf bars or automatic side steps to make it easier for them. As the need is medically-based, can I write the cost off on my taxes? Or would the steps need to be on their vehicle only? I worked in medical equipment some years ago and devices that assist in getting in an out of cars were considered tax-deductible if they were needed. I'm not sure what is allowed or not any more. I'm open to any knowledge! Thanks!
  2. Silverados Help Pull a Semi!

    I thought this was pretty cool: http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/this-daisy-chain-of-4x4s-tugging-a-semi-is-so-badass-1756815843 Video:
  3. 2011 Silverado 1500 P0300 Code

    Just got it back today. The issue was in the #1 cylinder and after some personal research it looks like this was caused by the AFM, and this is not the first time someone has had this problem with this engine. They put in an oil deflector to keep oil from spraying towards the inactive cylinders when the AFM is active, and the put in a new rocker arm cover and they performed "decarbonization" per Service Bulletin 10-06-01-008. And they replaced the bad spark plug (which I attached). Now I have a few more questions: 1. Should I get all the spark plugs replaced now, or is it okay to just replace one at a time? 2. How often are the spark plugs supposed to be changed on these trucks? Thanks again!
  4. 2011 Silverado 1500 P0300 Code

    Well the Service Adviser called me back the other day and it's not something simple. The mechanics took a look and found a damaged spark plug with a lot of fouling and some other things that they couldn't fix so they are sending it to their "Heavy Repair" department. I'm still waiting to hear back from them but they did say that it's not simple and that the problem is somewhere major in the engine. I was told that unless it was some outside factor that caused the issue that it would be covered under warranty given what they know so far. I asked if there would be any extension on the warranty after this but I was told that the 5 year/100,000 mile warranty still applies which would leave me out of warranty come July. Is this true? So, given that the engine will be in need of major repair, what can I expect in the future? Am I going to have more issues down the line as a result? I've always heard that once you do internal work on an engine that it tends to have more serious and frequent problems after. I was really hoping to keep this truck for 20 years if I don't get hit too seriously and too often on the road but now that may seem out of reach. Any answers are appreciated! Thanks all!
  5. 2011 Silverado 1500 P0300 Code

    Tonight my truck's check engine light came on suddenly. Then as I was getting close to my destination the truck started shaking a little (felt like the engine) and then the "Service Stabilitrak" and "Service Traction Control" messages came on. I'm not sure why these are affected if it's an engine issue but the brakes did shudder while I was braking at slow speeds. When I accelerate the check engine light blinks. The truck now has a definite engine shake occasionally and it is always shaking when in reverse now. I checked the codes and the only one was the P0300 code (multiple/random cylinder misfire). I'm thinking about just having it towed to the dealership Monday morning (hoping it will be covered under warranty) and letting them figure it out and fix it but money is short this time if year... Is this a somewhat common code with a common fix? Or are there some simple diagnostic things I could do myself with minimal tools to try and figure out the problem and fix it? Thanks! The truck: 2011 Silverado 1500 Z71 4x4 5.3L (Purchased new July 2011)
  6. AutoCal $050B Error Code

    I'm sorry, I'm having trouble with this. Where is the login screen on their website? I can't find it...
  7. AutoCal $050B Error Code

    I just received my modified file and it is a .coz file. I know nothing about the software except how to put the tune files on the AutoCal. Are there step-by-step instructions on how to use the .coz info to make a usable tune file? Thanks again!
  8. AutoCal $050B Error Code

    I updated the firmware and that fixed the issue! Thanks!
  9. AutoCal $050B Error Code

    I'm going to be putting larger tires on my truck soon so I'm planning on getting new tune files to correct the speedometer. However, I tried plugging in my AutoCal and reflashing my truck's ECM and I just get the $050B error message. I haven't made any changes to the AutoCal or my truck since I last used it so there shouldn't be any issues, right? How can I fix this? Thanks!
  10. My washer fluid pump suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago. I replaced it but still nothing! I checked the fuse, it's good. I disconnected all of the fluid lines and blew through them and they are all free and clear. The reservoir has enough fluid to keep the fluid level sensor from sending a message to my DIC. The only thing I can think of is the wiring but I visually checked them and all the connections are A-OK. The only thing I can think of (but can't check) is the switch on the signal lever. Can anyone think of anything else? Also, would this still be covered under warranty? I bought it new in July 2011 and it now has 36,000 miles. Info: 2011 Silverado 1500 LT 4x4 5.3L
  11. Buying a Used Duramax/Allison

    I haven't decided yet. I'm still browsing and test driving. The Dodge 2500s with the Cummins are actually looking pretty sweet, I'm not going to lie.
  12. Hello, I am considering trading in my 2011 1500 Z71 for an older (05+) Silverado or Sierra 2500 with the Duramax/Allison package. I've been looking at several, usually with 120,000-150,000 miles on them. A few of them are lifted with bigger tires. I'm just wondering, what disadvantages would this pose? I know the truck will have more wear and tear, but how much longer will the drive trains last? Am I at risk of more issues? If I trade, my monthly payments would come down $150-200/month, and I would have it paid off a year or two sooner. I'm also considering having this larger truck so that I could do some side towing gigs for some extra money. Basically, is it worth it? Thanks!
  13. For Sale: GMT900 Parts

    What brand are the rotors?
  14. So much better than I was expecting. The windows on the sides look just like those on the Tundra, and I could do with a little less "swoop" at the bottom of them. Also, the shifter. So many ergonomic problems there. It clearly blocks the cup holders which is going to drive morning coffee drinkers nuts. But kudos on the diesel! GM needs to continue to stick it to the man and put diesels in the 1/2 now!

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