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  1. my buddies 2013 avalanche ltz has heated and cooled. its always been a option, just expensive
  2. Hello everyone, if you dont mind i would like to comment. i have a 2016 silverado 5.3L w/ 8 speed transmission. i worked at a shop for many years. using the machine to flush the system can have negative consequences. if the machine puts too much pressure, you risk damaging a seal. Also, have seen it where after a flush, debris can be pushed into the wrong part and cause issues. we always drop the pan, replace the filter then fill it up, remove a cooler line and start the vehicle. would continue to add fluid while the vehicle would push the old fluid out. this way there is not too much pressure in the system. We had seen issues when using a flush machine. i added a b&m trans pan and added the b&m dip stick tube. was definitely worth the money! alot less messy being able to fill it normal. adding the b&m pan has a drain plug and a additional 3.5 - 4 quarts of fluid. makes it very convenient to drain quickly and refill w/ the b&m dip stick tube! i added a morimoto cooler, and a morimoto radiator. and finally deleted the transmission thermostat. reason is i installed a Whipple 2.9L super charger. my transmission always sat from 180 degrees upto 230 degrees. after the changes, i rarely get over 100 degrees now. heat is the worst for the clutches. Any questions i would like to help!
  3. Sorry i know its not the t1 style, I would still speak with mvi. Im sure they are working on it. Mvi keeps every retrofit oem. search ebay for the kits. Bill craigem is a good one, email see what they have. i would imagine ecomaster would make kits that are plug and play For the newer style. go to a gm parts website and look through it, probably list the module harness camera in diagrams. Then find part #’s and start ordering parts. https://www.group1autoparts.com/auto-parts/2019/chevrolet/silverado-1500/ltz-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/grille-and-components-scat/?part_number=84400532
  4. Programming is the defaul set price, if you supply the parts and ship them in. i just purchased this for my wifes 2015 tahoe, i selected to have them supply the parts. They order them new. finding used ones would only save me $100 in the end, thats with vehicles that crashes, rolled or more then 50,000 miles on them. For me $100 more for new was a better option. i retrofitted the cluster with wams, dis the same, bought new through them and very happy. also much faster then you waiting to get the used part, pay for shipping to them, then pay shipping back. just my 2 cents
  5. I called linkswell, it will not communicate with the hmi, will lose some features. i added turn signal cameras, front camera, rear camera in motion. also retrofitted rear seat entertainment and linkswell said i would loose it all. phoenix will retain it all if oem.
  6. It is solid leather, my wifes tahoe has heated/cooled seats, and her leather is perforated. ( tiny holes ) i didnt think i would need it when i bought the truck new, but after buying my wifes tahoe and using the cooled option, i do want it now. so my seats are solid leather
  7. Ive has alot of systems ive built in vehicles. these kicker kits are simple but do the job. sure they wont be competition sound, but you cant get that without spending alot anyways. i listen to rap, rock, r&b. all sounds good, and when the kids are in the truck i turn the bass down with the tone settings in the truck. Good enough for a 1/4 of the price of a normal aftermarket built kit
  8. Sorry, i dont mean to step on anyone’s toes, displaying computer info is different then retrofitting it to work with everything in the truck. i think its pretty important to keep steering controls, seat memory, remote start, power locks, power windows, and cluster communication with the radio and hmi. sorry, wont comment again, just wanted to explain displaying info on the screen in hmi 3 design isnt what i described.
  9. i have a 2016 silverado ltz with heated leather seats, truck is fully loaded minus sun roof and cooled seat option, ive been talking with phill gamboa. he thinks its weird i didnt get heat/cooled together.... so i have leather without cooled. the heated uses a pad i believe, and heated/cooled uses the fan that blows the air into the cushions. get in touch with wams, or pgamboa on here, they can answer all of your questions, ive been working with them for retrofits on my silverado and tahoe. they are great guys to work with.
  10. i use this website, alot of them out there, these guys have good prices. copy and paste the part #'s on ebay or image search and see what they actually look like. can also use the part #'s to find cheaper on used ebay listings too. keep in mind 2014 and 2015 silverado have a fully movable cup holder, and 2016 -2018 have a permanent cup holder. i bought a extra cup holder for my 2016 and used a dremel to remove the guidelines and now have 4 cup holder spots. these links are for 2016 silverado console trim- https://www.group1autoparts.com/auto-parts/2016/chevrolet/silverado-1500/ltz-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/center-console-scat front door trim- https://www.group1autoparts.com/auto-parts/2016/chevrolet/silverado-1500/ltz-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/interior-trim-front-door-scat rear door trim- https://www.group1autoparts.com/auto-parts/2016/chevrolet/silverado-1500/ltz-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/interior-trim-rear-door-scat
  11. ive been told the 2.5 and 3.0 are completely different systems and cable connections are different, utilizes ethernet maybe? would need to replace alot of hardware and complicate software. replace alot of pieces in the truck. tech companies have been working on it, but to integrate the 3.0 and allow everything to function normal would be very expensive...... ive read
  12. i have owned alot of systems in alot of vehicles, i put 1 kicker sub setup in my 16 silverado, it made the music alot better, but i missed the hard hitting. so i added a second on the drivers side like johnny lane, and made it sound really good, for utilizing the factory audio system. wait for deals on amazon or ebay. ive purchased both for under $500 each time, and didnt need to fuss with a work around with after market systems. the kicker kit includes wiring that plug and play, sub and built in amp. very easy to set up. can use factory head unit to turn up or down bass easily
  13. i used this video to find out what the parts looked like, gm pictures are a nightmare. he removes it at minute marker 1:20, then re-installs it at minute marker 27:00
  14. i have a 2016 silverado ltz. windshield for hud, always has lane departure bracket, no way around it. i went with after market windshield, was over half the price. dealers order their windshields from same company then stamp gm on them and mark them up. had 3 windshield guys tell me, all customers of my store. if you still need the #'s, i can upload a pic tonight of the windshield # windshield was around $600 installed bracket with lane departure camera ebay $60 . 84505296 cover for bracket ebay $10 . 23316899 cover for rear view mirror/fits onto bracket cover $6.50 . 23316901
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