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  1. I'm finished with my Parts, still diagnosing why it wont actually display, but took pics of my cuts I'll post them if you would like, I used a tape measure to help
  2. Aftermarket mafs allow the computer to read a higher threshold. Simply swapping it with a 3 1/2" intake will not make a difference. I modified my air box and have. 4" intake tube. Its alot more air, and factory maf only reads a certain amount, it ends up being outside the factory threshold. Dyno with a factory maf and peak reading capability may be 8,000. Put a aftermarket on and peak would read 12,000 or 15,000. So if it maxes out at 8,000 you simply can't make more horse power if the computer can't calculate a higher air flow. Again keeping everything stock it wont make a bit of difference. I have a nick William's 103mm throttle body. It's a necessity with this. Factory Coil packs and wires read higher ohms with a meter. I put better quality on and the number drops to almost zero loss. Not trying to argue any point at all, just wanted to offer my experience with the combos I've tried.
  3. It's my daily, I don't go track race. I work 70 - 80 hrs a week. When someone pulls up to a light and revs, I now know I can beat them. Other then a super car or someone with 30k + in mods, I feel confident I will beat them. The gen 5 has been amazing for me, I want all the bells and whistles along with hp. Sure would be easier to build on older models, but like like heads up display, I like heated leather and heated steering, and all my electronics. A drag car doesn't need any of it, I'm as close as I want/ need to be to the drag while having my comforts.
  4. I started with borla cat back, cold air intake and diablo trinity 2 tune. Made the truck alotta fun... Would cost around $2000 for that. When I added a bigger cold air intake grenetilli coil packs, wires, and maf it changed alot.spend 3k and get close, Otherwise be ready to spend 10k and get the ridiculous power
  5. Also have grenetilli cold air maf, coil packs and high temp wires My setup should put me close to 500hp, but gotta spend a shitload of money to get there Stock silverado 5.3L supposed to be around 300whp. Alot of people think they need 500 - 600 hp to "feel" the difference. Stock truck and adding whipple makes a big difference. I reccomend a cat back to free up the exhaust flow.
  6. I have a 2016 silverado 1500 ltz. 8 speed Just recently put a whipple on my truck. 4th gen Nick William's 103mm throttle body. Also modified airaid cold air. Borla s-type cat back. The truck hauls as right now, definitely worth the money. I ordered KOOKS 1 7/8 headers and high flow green cats. When I finish the exhaust I am gonna re-tune and dyno the truck. Whipple is supposed to add 150 hp Adding the nick William's and straight 4" intake made a bigger difference keeping the whipple tune. Kooks is gonna take a few weeks to get, I'm having it coated with 2500° coating. When it's done I can post dyno #'s
  7. Has anyone tried to swap led tail lights? I have a 2016 silverado Ltd, factory led tail lights... I would like to simply swap and put GMC Sierra Denali led tail lights, wondering if this would be plug and play?
  8. I completely understand, glad I reached out to you guys
  9. That is really awesome, I do appreciate the help.... thank you thank you! I've been following the threads on this retrofit, so cool to see everyone help everyone!
  10. That's what I've seen, he did reply no info for the harness, I don't want to be rude and keep bugging him, but me working 70hrs a week makes it tough to source and build a harness.. Are you in contact him?
  11. I would like to retrofit a hud, do you have any direction to point me for the harness? I've seen a guy offered to make and sell them in 2018.... I messaged couple days ago, but have not received a response. Any info would be great....
  12. I have a 2016 silverado, when I was young I always had custom systems. I did miss the bass when I bought the truck, rather than mess with electronics that ties the the back, I opted for the kicker kit. I is a night and day difference! Money well spent, very easy to turn bass up or down with the menu button. Install is straight forward with instructions. Whether you like country, rock, or hip hop it definitely improves the overall sound.
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