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  1. Bought a 2014 2wd with 92k on it and I knew it would need a little TLC. I was able to argue the price down when I bought it because although the CarFax report had “maintenance records”, the truck clearly needed some things. First thing, it rode really rough. Bilstein 5100’s, an alignment, and proper tire pressure fixed that, and now it rides like new. Rough idle fixed by new plugs and wires this weekend. The amount I negotiated off the truck due to the issues I fixed was more than twice the amount it cost to fix them. I get not putting money into a vehicle you want to sell, but it can work both ways...
  2. I’m about to do mine preventatively at 93,000. Just going to use AC Delco
  3. My EcoBoost leaked coolant at the turbos, and the truck chewed through a rear differential in less than 75k miles, without towing anything other than a 4 wheeler on a 5x10 trailer. It just wasn’t a good truck. I’m not dogging the EcoBoost. Both the 2.7 and 3.5 are generally good motors.
  4. Just bought a 2014 Silverado double cab LT 4x2 with the 4.3. 92,000 miles, one owner, clean Carfax. Looks like all service has been kept up, and the dealer serviced and prepped it before drive out. Was going to have the brakes checked and maybe run a can of Seafoam or injector cleaner through a tank of gas. If the truck is running fine, should I drive it for a bit then do the coolant, rear diff, and transmission fluid and the next oil change? Anything else? My my first impression of the 4.3 after driving a 365hp EcoBoost and 395hp Coyote for the past two trucks is actually really positive. I don’t tow anything more than a 4 wheeler, and I like that the motor makes torque at lower RPM. The frustrating thing about the Coyote engine is that it doesn’t make much torque until it’s revved higher than most normal driving situations require. I think this truck will work good for our family, so I want to keep the maintenance preventative instead of reactive, so any advice would be appreciated. Financially, we need the truck to last 5 years and about 100-120k miles, though I will drive it until death do us part if it’s willing to keep going after that.
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