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  1. I replaced my rims from the 20 inch stock rims to the 22 inch Chevy rims. I put on about 5K miles on the 20s and about 7K miles on the 22s. I drive mostly on the highway so haven't noticed a difference besides the fact that I watch out for the curbs a little more. Also, it is slightly heavier than the 20s. I still have my 20s and plan to change them out during the winter time for when I take it up the mountains because I don't trust these tires in the snow. However, I haven't done it for this season and just kept the 22s on there.
  2. But is it really the rims or was it the driver
  3. Here are pictures from the Chevy website and another picture of my truck. They are great looking rims. The tires are Bridgestone Atienza's but I don't remember the size. Let me know if you need them though and I can get it for you.
  4. Yup they're the BDTrims and I bought them from Amazon. It's color matte black.
  5. I have the premium LTZ Z71 package and don't regret it at all. The vented seats are great during summer too.
  6. I got mine done the other day. Took an extra day from when I had my 7500 mile service done. Took a day for them to order the part so they provided me with a loaner/rental vehicle.
  7. Hey guys! I just put on my new tonneau cover. I bought it online and paid about $1670 for it delivered. I ordered the aluminum Retraxpro XR because I wanted the option to install crossbars on the rails. I literally just installed it about an hour ago so there's not much I can say except for the looks. I think it looks super clean and nice. The installation took a little over an hour because I watched someones installation video on youtube. I can't speak for the water yet leakage yet but hopefully I can update you all one of these days.
  8. Yes there is a gap but it doesn't bother me as much.
  9. I agree with oldmann. I had weatherguards in my work trucks in the past. Real good quality and plenty of different options.
  10. I used to own black vehicles as I think it's one of the best colors.. However, between all the vehicles (and a black motorcycle too) that I've owned, black got old the quickest. The paint doesn't keep it's gloss unlike the other colors unless you wax it ALL THE TIME. The scratches and a little bit of dirt are always visible. Now I only stick with white cars and I have no regrets at all with white.
  11. I purchased a short antenna too. I like it but I can definitely notice more static between the stations. Doesn't bother me as much as I use Spotify for most of my music plus I live in a major city and not in the suburbs so my signal is still pretty good.
  12. I got my mats in yesterday. The hardest part was cutting off the extended pieces since I have the utility box under my seat lol. But it is made pretty good. It is pretty close to being a perfect fit. I'm sure over time, it will mold to the floor a lot better. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.
  13. Yes there is a way. I don't know the exact buttons to press but I think if you go to menu, you can hit camera while driving. There are buttons there that will lead to viewing the rear. I've done it before.
  14. I just ordered the premium all weather mats Z71 in jet black from the dealership. Hoping to have them today or some time this week. I'll try to post some pics when I can.
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