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  1. Thanks for the help! I got the window working. The wire that went to the passenger window was broken in the boot on the drivers side door which was what I expected. In case anyone else has the same issue the two wires that go to the passenger window are: The Yellow Wire The blue and white striped wire Thanks again!
  2. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  3. Bump. Still unsolved Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  4. My passenger window rolls up and down on the passenger side switch but only down on the driver. Normally, I wouldn't be super concerned about this but my dog has learned to roll down my windows down. I know the first thing usually suggested is cleaning the connections on the switch I tried that on the driver and passenger. After that didn't work I went ahead and ordered a new driver switch still, no luck So my question now is should I order a passenger switch even given it rolls up and down on that side? Otherwise, I'm assuming I need to get multimeter and check if any of my wires are br
  5. So, I think this is a obvious question but I would like to be sure im not missing anything. I want to add a auxiliary battery to my 09 silverado but after looking into the system I would really prefer not to mess with both the cost and wiring of a traditional two battery system with a isolator. I was wondering though is it un reasonable to just throw a deep cycle battery and wire what I want to it (bed lights, 12v ports in bed, maby a few others) and then basically have it as its own electrical system with nothing connected to the first battery or grounded to body? I could then just use a cha
  6. Yeah I added that well worth it. I FOUND ALL of the stuff I needed on eBay for $50 the tire pressure was the main thing I wanted
  7. Hi! I recentally got a 2009 Silverado WT and I was supposed how easy it was to add the Dic and I was wondering if any of you have done some other upgrades where all of the wiring and everything is there. Thanks!
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