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  1. That is a good description of the noise and issue. My 2020 Denali 2500 6.6L makes the same noise. I assume other posts have a Duramax , so it’s not an engine issue. I found a technical bulletin regarding power steering noise on earlier models but it is related to extreme cold weather (-31 deg F), so maybe it is fluid related. I wish the dealer would just try the fix to see if it works in warmer conditions. The noise is very annoying. I will attach the tech bulletin. Please update what your dealer says. mc-10163270-9999.pdf
  2. I’ve noticed the noise since day 1 in my 2020 2500 Denali 6.6 gasser. Ran across this bulletin describing the exact issue and noise but dealer refused to fix because the temperatures don’t fall with in the specified ranges. I’ll attach the bulletin and perhaps they’ll be enough complaints that GM might take notice. mc-10163270-9999.pdf
  3. One concern to consider are the use of tire chains. If you plan using chains you might consider 17” of 18”. With the shorter sidewalks on a 20”, chains will could damage the wheels and 20” chains are not as common.
  4. Handles the trailer really well. Would have no problem going faster but want to keep things safe. Sure beats the 2008 Silverado 1500 with 5.3L. I don’t recall the gear and RPM. Will report back on that in the spring.
  5. 2020 Denali 6.6L w/20” stock tires w/2500 miles averaging around 10.7-11.5 MPG per fill up mostly short trips around town and minimal highway. Averaging around 16 on the interstate @ 70 and got over 18MPG during break-in period @ 50 MPH. Getting around 11 MPG on the interstate with a quad in the back (850#) driving @ 70. Towing 7500# travel trailer getting around 8.3 MPG average @ 65 MPH. Getting only around 10 MPG while hunting at low speed 5-10 MPH or less in 4-wheel drive on snow trails. I expected a little better economy with the low speeds. Overall I love the truck and will just have to live with poor fuel economy.
  6. Has the service department responded to the noise? Mine sounds power steering related. I took it to back to the dealer the second day I had it and the service department said it was ABS related and was normal but mentioned they would watch out for other similar complaints. 2020 Denali 2500 w/L8T. Thanks for any input.
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