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  1. I would hope they don’t include that. They made mention that all vehicles would be push button ignition after next year and would therefore have this feature. I’d be curious if they’ll keep the keyed ignition for the SSV packages.
  2. Regular vehicles are routinely purchased and used as fire apparatus. It’s not something new. These Sierras were built for use as Chief vehicles. Not some $600,000 engine or rescue. It seems like you’re such a die hard fan girl of GM that you refuse to see any wrong that they could do. Personally, I’ve only owned GM products for the past decade. I used to only buy Dodge before that. I’ve never had an issue with my Chevys. This is legitimately the first issue I’ve ever had with a GM product and their response to a concern from their customers is appalling. There are police departments that use these vehicles for their K-9 units. I guess those agencies use a Galls light on the roof, too.
  3. The ignorance and arrogance is strong in this forum. Who in their right mind would buy anything from Galls? Apparently it’s assumed that a volunteer fire Department is automatically a bunch of yahoos. Maybe where you live, but that is not the rule. The vehicles were completely upfitted by a professional installer. I don’t see what they have to do with GMs extended idle feature, so you are still making a fool of yourself while desperately trying to make an ass out of me.
  4. So you didn't do your homework and you came on here to bash people with legitimate concerns by using your orange troll fingers. Unless you were specifically looking for this exact problem you wouldn't find it in the research. Keep your trails and your "intellect". They're not wanted.
  5. Some back-story for you all: I am a Deputy Chief of a volunteer fire department. We recently purchased two 2019 GMC Sierras for our chiefs to use instead of beating the bolts off of our personal vehicles. They were purchased through a state purchase program that significantly reduced the costs of them. From the very beginning, it was known these would be used as emergency vehicles, which inherently must be left idling for extended periods to power equipment. After we took delivery of the vehicles, we were on scene of an incident on a very busy and dangerous stretch of interstate highway. After a while it was noticed that the Sierra had shut off. Did some looking and found this lovely excuse of a safety feature. This feature is not conducive to emergency vehicle usage. At all. It puts our lives in danger when the vehicle we are using to provide protection at a scene suddenly shuts off and kills the emergency warning lights. Took it to a dealer and they were unable to manipulate the computer. Called GM "Customer Service" and they started looking into it. Meanwhile, we did find that putting the vehicle in neutral with the parking brake on does bypass the shutdown. We haven't tested for a length of time, simply because idling it just to test this is a waste of fuel. Also, having an emergency vehicle stationary, idling, in neutral with the parking brake on is not something that will hold up in court should the vehicle start to roll and then injure someone. So I just got off the phone with GM's "Customer Service" after a few weeks of back and forth phone calls. They stated that GM will NOT do anything to adjust the computer programming, that they CAN'T alter the programming for safety reasons, and that they will NOT work with us to replace these vehicles that were sold to us without disclosing this feature. Needless to say, neither our department nor the surrounding departments in the area will be purchasing GMC's in the future.
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