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  1. No it is not. The tech geeks behind the site "infotainment.com" are working on a solution that will allow people to upgrade from IOR to there "IOU" version.
  2. Count yourself lucky . Mine crashes and reboots at least 6 times a week (sometimes all the buttons in the center stop working too because its all tied in together and dont work till the vehicle is turned off for 20 minutes). Took it to the dealer and they were useless, all the did was reflash it to the same exact 2014 firmware it already had.
  3. Mine is also an RST but it's just how it was ordered when the dealer did the build sheet. 1. They can order the basic IOR model made for the LS level vehicles back in 2014 2. Te IOS model that comes with HD radio, over-the-air upgrades, ability to add apps, climate control app and SD slot for Nav upgradability 3. Or the mama-jama IOT that has everything from above plus Nav.
  4. You have the low end model like me, it is the IOR (not the nice IOS model like they have). This model is NOT updatable despite it having the option. We are stuck with this 2014 crapper model.
  5. Damn, I had a loaner with the IOS for 2 days, guess I should have paired with it to see. My 2017 with Nav worked flawless too as you stated in your 2014. Seems like they went waaaaay backwards. I can tell you my IOR in the 2019 is complete garbage, always locking up and rebooting it self which causes all the buttons in the center to stop working, so at least you guys on IOS don't have to worry about that. Also anyone with the IOR reading this I have had my car at service and there is no firmware update available or bulletins so we are stuck with this piece of crap device/firmware from 2014. Anyone finds a way to get to IOS from an existing IOR I have my ears wide open
  6. Mine is IOR, maybe that is the difference. My phone is Samsung S10 plus and my wifes is S9 plus.
  7. Thanks man. Ya I talked to them too, problem is that they are going full bore adding the Nav piece too which will probably drive the price to $1,699, alot to pay for $358 dollar radio. All I want is the IOS version which is everything GM offers (custom settings per user, download apps, over the air updates...) minus Nav. I will keep my fingers crossed though.
  8. Very wierd. Only thing I would try next is to "Forget" the truck in Bluetooth list and re-add it.
  9. Thanks man. Now I just need to find a way to upgrade my stereo from the crapper IOR to the IOS or IOT model. Anyone in here know how to pull that off please please please let me know. EDIT: Last 2 trucks I have bought I have always thrown that ultimatum in at the last second, give me leather for free or I walk, worked twice now and this time got AMP steps too and for only 400 bucks on my end.
  10. Leather pics, man oh man did that come out awesome!!!! Just love the combo and a perfect match to the trucks color scheme.
  11. Pictures as promised with the AMP power steps installed, plus my custom Katzkin seats.
  12. Long hold the Bluetooth icon in the quick access tray. This brings up the list of your Bluetooth devices, to the far right of the name of your trucks Bluetooth you will see a little icon that looks like gears. Click that and you will see what you gave the truck access to, usually 3 items: Calls, Audio, Contact Access.
  13. Since you seem to have a good handle on this, thought I would ask is it possible to upgrade from IOR to IOS (hardware or software)? I got stuck with the IOR model (doesn't even have the climate control app) and wanted to get it up to the IOS version at least so I could use the app interface to add stuff as I wanted. Thanks.
  14. Hate to ask this in here but this thread gets alot of action and technically I am asking for a picture, lol. Could someone post pictures of the version screens (there is a few) for there radio that has the IOR version, this is the cheesy version that does not have the climate control app? Thanks guys. P.S. the truck is at the dealer getting the AMP power steps installed, woooohoooo!
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