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  1. Damn, that's a hell of a story, but glad that the dealer stepped up in the end and took care of you!
  2. it will do it randomly to make sure it's working properly and keep the mechanism moving... just a safety feature, and a nice one honestly.
  3. The gray is normal, the static is not. Try the factory apple cable...
  4. 2019 LT CrewCab Texas Edition 2WD... $46,790 MSRP $9,600 Dealer Discount for being ex-service loaner (2200 miles) $750 Lease Loyalty (my Cadillac) GM Employee Full Tax Credit (Texas, 4th Of July Special) 2 Year 15K mile lease, single pay $5,800
  5. I have it as well, but no issues with water sitting like that. You both might need to tighten up the cover tension, that could be the problem you're having. If there is too much slack in it, yes it will sag like that. Also, make sure the velcro on both sides is tight. Just undo it, and pull it taut.
  6. I'd like to see these numbers over the 400 mile range, not 50 miles... that's the real test. What are you getting to a full tank? My best on a full tank was 22 with mostly hwy and some city/traffic. But, when I am on the hwy, i'm at 75-80 most of the time.
  7. if I were you, I’d still lease. 2yr 50k max with GM, and your penalty would be $5500 for the extra 22k miles. Based on your allowance and mileage, you’d probably be at a break even. Check the payments out and do some math, might still work out for you!
  8. That's also an option, you can do a lease assumption and someone takes over your lease. Also, you don't have to pay all the payments, let's say residual is 25K, and remaining payments are 6K... if the truck is worth 30K on trade, you can trade it in, and you're only 1K negative, which is peanuts in the negative equity game... or pay off your 6K if it's more reasonable (IE: roll it in as negative equity) Also, depending on the state your in, there is a tax savings since you only pay tax on the monthly payment, and not the entire truck. So add that to your "equity" bucket.
  9. This is what I do for a living, train dealerships on the pros and cons of leasing vs purchasing... Look, leasing is not worse than buying, it's just different. It's another way to pay for a car, where you're just paying for the portion of the car you use. Payment based on expected depreciation, and we all know cars depreciate, and protects you from unexpected depreciation. Economics 101 - Buy things that appreciate, lease/rent things that depreciate. If you are trading every few years, drive a predictable number of miles, and always have a car payment (ie: never pay a car off and keep it after), then leasing is probably the better option for you. So what are the benefits? 1) No negative equity 2) No risk of any kind (accidents, market changes, supply/demand, fuel prices, etc...) all that goes to the lender 3) New car more often, usually under warranty 4) Typically lower payments 5) More car for the same money As far as some of the comments made earlier... 1) Yes, you can get out of a lease early, at least with GM Financial. No early term fee's, just trade out or pay remaining lease payments. Whichever is more reasonable. 2) Insurance: Yes, requirements are higher, but that's not going to make a huge impact on your premiums unless your carrying liability only right now... 3) Equity: Let's say lease vs purchase on the same car, lease is $100 less per month, if you're smart and save that money, on a 36 month lease, that's $3600 in your pocket, THAT IS EQUITY. All you do when you put money down on a purchase is BUY YOUR EQUITY up front or lower your chance of NEGATIVE EQUITY... you're not BUILDING EQUITY in a depreciating asset, EVER! 4) End Of Lease: walk away and get another one, buy it and keep it, buy it and sell it to someone else, or IF you have equity in it, trade it in and that equity is yours to do whatever you want with. Put it down on the next one or pocket it and go buy a new tv... 5) Mileage penalty: whoopty doo! $.25/mile! It's not much in the grand scheme of things. Imagine you buy a car, finance it for 72 months (the average now days) and in 2 years trade it in with 70,000 miles, you think your not getting penalized for miles? MILES ARE NOT FREE whether you buy, lease, pay cash. If you lease, you can max a lease at 25k miles per year with GMF, so you go over by 20K miles... that's $5,000 in penalty. That same truck traded in after 2 years on a 6 year loan is at least 8-10K in negative equity, and that's assuming perfect conditions, no accidents, market is good, etc... Anyways, take it for what it's worth, at the end of the day it's your choice, but anyone who says "LEASING SUCKS" is extremely misinformed. If you have more questions, I'd be happy to answer them for you. John
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