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  1. Thanks for this info. Do you remember where u saw this? I would love to read up on it if possible. again thanks for the info.
  2. Hey y’all. Been looking around and haven’t found any direct info on this setup that I’m interested in. I’m wondering if a 20x10 with -24 offset and 285/55 (32.5x11.5 roughly) nitto tires would fit on a 2019 at4 with the stock 2” lift height and no to minimum rub. I’m not trying to do any cutting if I don’t have to. Or do I have to do a 2” lift to bring it to a total of 4”. If I have to add the 2” lift, can I push my luck and put a 22” rim on it with the same tire size? Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. What I want my truck to look like in the photo below. Thanks in advance.
  3. Beautiful truck u have there. If i understood correctly, u have 285/55R22 tires with no rub at all? how wide and offset(if any) are those rims?
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