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  1. Is anyone else having a hard time finding a new 2020? Every time I find one and call the dealer says it’s sold and just not off their site. I like the 21 but looking for a deal.
  2. I ordered a 2020 standard bed AT4 from my dealer. After it finally made it in from holding after 2 weeks I found out that they didn't had the exhaust and changed the engine from 6.2 to 5.3 that I didn't want. Has anyone seen a standard bed AT4 at any dealers? I know that they are hard to find and have been slowly looking around but haven't had any look. Tried building one on the GM Supplier site but it doesn't show any available.
  3. My new truck is stuck in a rail car 7 miles from my dealer at an old GM plant and they have no clue when it will come off. Wish I could bring the bill of sale and pick it up myself
  4. Does anyone of pics of their tinted tail lights? Tried to search but couldn’t find any one the forum. Trying to decide to tint mine or not when I bring it in for window tint and to black out the badges.
  5. My dealer in LA had to take off the exhaust to get the order to be picked up so I hope they already ordered it so they can install when it arrives.
  6. Just got word that my 2020 AT4 should be in by the end of the week if transportation goes smoothly. Can’t wait
  7. Was looking at the ARE fusion cover for the Sierra. Liked it because it can be colored matched but haven’t seen any out yet.
  8. Can’t wait for my 2020 to come in and once it does first stop will be at my XPEL installer. Got it on all my vehicles and it saves a lot of headaches
  9. I didn't care about the adaptive cruise control but I wanted a standard bed. My dealer in Shreveport couldn't find a white standard bed AT4 so I had to order it. Just saw that they no longer offer the Off Road Package, Performance Upgrade Package and Performance Air Intake System on the latest update. Now I don't know what to do.
  10. How do you like driving the long bed? Looking at ordering one but can’t decide standard or short bed.
  11. It’s my daily driver. Tow a 20ft trailer with my lawn mowers 2-3 days a week and occasionally a 22ft ski boat. Probably don’t need the extra payload. Just used to the bigger truck. Guess I’ll see what the dealer will do for a deal on the 2019 1500
  12. Currently own a 13 Silverado 2500 and wanting to get an AT4. Looked at a standard bed crew cab 1500 and it was nice. Can’t decide to go ahead and get that or what for the 2500 AT4 gas. Any thoughts from anyone that has gone from a 2500 to the new AT4 or TB??
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