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  1. Picture of Z-71 grill. I have the box to ship. (828) 499-0517 [email protected] l
  2. I have changed from the Z-71 grill to the High Country Grill on my 2020 2500 HD. What a difference it makes. I have the grill and fascia for sale. Both are like new. I will post pictures of both. You can contact me (828) 499-0517 [email protected]
  3. Is it possible to replace these large mirrors with another smaller OEM mirror?
  4. Have you received the parts yet? Would like pictures if possible. I would like to get mine ordered. Just want to make sure I am ordering the right parts.
  5. Are you able to change the grill and not change the fascia? I too want to change from Z71 to High Country grill.
  6. Thanks for the help. I can find the parts but not a breakdown picture of the parts. Where can I find the page you have here? I found the Grill for $772.52 and the Fascia for $396.03 plus $75.00 core charge.
  7. What are the part numbers for the high country grill? I want to swap from LTZ to High Country grill.
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