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  1. You wont jus get a programmer to calibrate your speedometer for the bigger tires
  2. I was told at the shop 4.88s would bring me back to stock. Which around town its not bad average 13-15ish depending on traffic. Highway is where it drinks. As far as tuning would a computer tune or diablo tuner be better. Heard a handheld tuner doesnt give you all the power out of the motor
  3. Thanks Louisiana tho. Nothing bad jus very expensive for the price I could've jus got a supercharger
  4. It is jus kinda feel like it was a waste of alot money
  5. Probably could've jus got a tune and done the same since i really dont drive it
  6. Update got the gears installed 2 months ago and went with 4.88s. Honestly not impressed and regret it
  7. Did you add a locker
  8. Do you add a locker?
  9. I ran my VIN through the dealership I have the 9.5. Think the guy thought i had 6.2 with a 12 bolt. Im going with 4:56 due to both highway and city driving. Also gonna install a Detroit truetrac
  10. Update just found out Yukon doesnt make a 4:56 for a 9.76 rear end
  11. Yea thats what i don't understand i have read thats guys have been paying less than 3 grand
  12. I wish it was $2500 I been told like 4 grand from a couple places but im still looking.
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