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  1. I originally had the add a leaf installed just needed more clearance and a lil squat
  2. I follow you on Instagram man you put some work into your truck.
  3. The can tune fixed what they calibrator they put on my truck messed up. Which i have no complaints with the tuner. And yea added a 2in level so no more rubbing
  4. Yea I did I installed a diablo on it which helped out and recently went up another 2in
  5. In my opinion no but I never tried a tuner first which would have adjusted my settings. I went on forums and listened to people who said regear or your truck is not going to last long. I talked a gm mechanic friend who told me dont do it but it was to late. Look at it like this $400 for a tune which you can easily take everything off your truck without any worries versus $4500 and you changed the mechanics of the truck which it will be harder to go back stock due to the higher gear ratio. Im no expert just trying to pass my experience along to others. At the end of the day its your truck your
  6. Yea wish I would've done that. But oh well you live and you learn
  7. Yea thats where its get expensive. I say buy a tuner first then see how you like it. If you dont then spend the cash
  8. I would say 4.56 jus a little lower rpms im runnin almsot 3 grand around 80 or so
  9. They say if you do mostly city get 4.88s and 4.56 if you do highway. I recently added a 2 in leveling kit to fix that issue. 4.88s are bad im pretty quick off the line and still retain about 12 to 16mph on the road depending on red lights and other cars. I also got a diablo intune i3 to fix some issues caused by the calibrator that was put on my truck. Interstate i can hit 85 easy just gets sketchy with these big tires
  10. I would run the 22s you shouldnt have any problems with rubbing. You can really get away with a 24x12 or 24x14 on 35s with a little trimming
  11. You wont jus get a programmer to calibrate your speedometer for the bigger tires
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