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  1. Just got this kit installed https://www.4wheelparts.com//p/readylift-2-sst-lift-kit-69-3920/_/R-BKMQ-69-3920, 2” in the front extra inch on the rear, drives just like out of the factory , I’ll post some pics Later
  2. Is the new spoiler with lamp assy also a led? I don’t have a cam on mine but is led
  3. I thought this threads were meant to help, all I see it’s criticism and talk about other trucks, simple question if you don’t know the answer it’s ok, no need to criticize, I have trail boss lt, love the truck, test drove a rebel, still like my trail boss better. If any one has a help full input on the motor to raise the gate I’d love to get the info as well, Thank you!
  4. Definitely a lie, mine does not have that , both sides look the same!
  5. Definitely a calibration issue, just had my tb lt serviced for a recall and I had them check, the mileage on my truck is 11900 and it said I had 14% life left on the front and 56 on the rear, the service advisor had to update the software and recalibrate them since my brakes were 98% ( -/+), I also had them upgrade the infotainment software to the one with the built in navigation part # 84531832 works great.
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