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  1. Can someone tell me what android app can do a crankshaft sensor relearn and time a 5.7 vortec distributor? I changed crankshaft sensors in 2 GM vehicles. There is no codes. But both doesn't seem to run the best. Was told they need a crank sensor relearn. Plus I changed a distributor in 2000 yukon 5.7 vortec. It has no codes. Idles great. But under load it has a miss. What told distributor is off a couple degrees. And need a special scan tool or android app. To set the correct timing. So please could someone tell me best and easiest app that can do both? Crankshaft sensor relearn and 5.7 vortec timing. Thank you
  2. Hi, I like to down load an APP that I can use to adjust and verify my distributer timing on 5.7 vortec. I also like to do crankshaft sensor relearn. I know nothing about what APPs to use/download. And I surely do not know how to use the APP. I have read some really good forums on this site about 5.7 vortec timing and crank sensor relearn. Could someone please take the time. To tell me what APP can do both. And how do I use the APP to do it. That would be so great. I have other vehicles to do crankshaft sensor relearn. Thank you
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