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  1. Yes, but I’m still waiting to hear the details because I’ve lifted it with a BDS suspension kit and put on 35’s, plus other extras, so lets see that they offer me.
  2. I have the brakes loose power back on 10/31/19, took it in and they reprogrammed the brakes. No issues and then last month took it in for service and found 3 recalls, one was for the brake system, they did their fix and last Saturday helping my brother move I had my truck loaded with close to 1,000 pounds. When I started the engine -without the remote- I got a brake system malfunction warning light. Great it was 2 am and had to go up and down the grape vine on the 5 freeway. What a joke! Third problem now related to the brakes and Chevy is offering to buy it back! Well, I’ve spent close to $7,000 on after market upgrades, doubt they’re going to pay me for this. This has become the worst new car or any car purchase EVER! Not buying Chevys any longer!” I shouldn’t have to worry about braking issues on a a new $50,000 vehicle, not to mention my family’s safety and that I don’t have time to be visiting the dealer 10 times in 6 months! I’m done with Chevy!
  3. @ct_corey I had no lights or codes appear in my dash when it happened to me. When I first noticed the issue, I turned off my truck and waited about 10 seconds and restarted it and it continued. I then turned it off and waited 5 minutes and the issue continued. The next morning everything was working again but I had it towed to the dealer who couldn’t replicate it and they programmed my brake module, said that SHOULD fix it. I read on this thread that after 30 minutes the brakes go back to normal and that has been my experience as well.
  4. Got my truck back yesterday and they reprogrammed the brakes and told me that should have taken care of the problem and that they couldn’t replicate it. I’m not happy with “Should” and quite honestly this will be the last GM vehicle I ever buy.
  5. This just happened to me too! I have a 2019 LT crew cab, 3200 miles on it, no codes or lights came on. What the hell, I had my daughter in the truck with me and it’s Halloween! I could have hit a kid! I came right home and I just decided to google this and I found this. I‘m reporting this to the dealer first thing tomorrow morning because this is definitely a malfunction. I hope mine works the next time I start it because I am home now and I haven’t driven it again.
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