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  1. I've seen plenty of options for the '19 Silverado but nothing much for the '19 Next Gen Sierra. Any recommendations for LED light bars and mounts? Would love something for above the windshield. Thanks
  2. I installed 33’s on mine and had to remove the splash guard because it rubbed. Ordered these as replacement: https://www.sharptruck.com/truck-hardware-finishing-cap
  3. Exactly wha my I bought, they’ll be here soon and I’ll post photos.
  4. Found these end caps that match the fender of the truck: https://www.sharptruck.com/truck-hardware-finishing-cap Will report back when they arrive on how they look.
  5. Any recommendations? I totally get it plus I hate the look of it without the splash guard but I haven’t been able to find alternatives.
  6. Sure! Tires: Ironman All Country M/T 33x12.5R20 (link) Wheels: Moto Metal M0970 Gray 20x12 with -44 Offset (link) Level kit: MotoFab 2.5" Leveling Kit (link)
  7. Hey, so I installed larger 33" tires and had to remove the splash guard as it was causing some rubbing. Anyone know where I could get some plugs to fill in these holes that the splash guards left? Thanks!
  8. New 33" tires and 2.5" level on the front. Also debaged the two front doors.
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