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  1. Did you get someone to trade you? Searching for a Z71 filler and skid plate
  2. In need of a 16-18 Z71 bumper filler(Valance) along with the Chrome skid plate! GM wants $700!!! Unbelievable For two pieces of plastic
  3. I have a 2018 Silverado LT (honeycomb) style and looking to go to a Z71 style (3 bars) Thanks in advance!
  4. I can’t go that low, they’re $1800 bucks for for just the wheels from the dealer and I’m including a fresh set of rubber. $1500OBO
  5. Trying to sell my 22in Factory black wheels off my 18 Silverado. They come with Goodyear Fortera tires. 285/45/22. Both wheels and tires only have 12k miles on them. Pick up about 40 miles from Chicago IL. $1500OBO
  6. Did you just get a new bumper face with holes for fogs?
  7. Thanks for the response! I’m using after market fogs with a switch so that shouldn’t be a problem. I just bought a bumper face bar with the opening for fogs, not the whole bumper, so I’m not sure if the inners of my bumper where the face bar goes onto will have a spot to screw my fogs into.
  8. Okay, I found the brackets, but they seem to be the same thing as the brackets without fogs? Anyone know what the difference is and do I need the brackets “with fog lights”?
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