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  1. Have been following problem also. First dealer said it was a "normal" egr system sound. Next dealer said it was also "normal". This is my 4th dmax and none of the others had this knock. I agree with Cool J that Banks takes these engines apart all the time. I was wondering if there was a way to send Banks the sound clip from Bass Mechanic since they could probably figure it out.
  2. Similar posts on the dieselplace forum so there others with the 2020 duramax with the same problem. Anyone able to post this video to Banks Power? Gale seems to be the utmost expert on the duramax. He tears these engines apart all the time. If anyone can shed a light on the problem it would be him.
  3. Great video, mine has the same sound. Dealer said it was noise from the egr system and naturally they say it's normal. Hope someone can figure out what it is.
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