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  1. So, does any owner know if the washer spray pattern can be adjusted? The replacement set does the same as the first. My dealer says it's the way it should be. On previous vehicles, I have always been able to adjust up and down.
  2. I bought a new 2019 GMC Sierra. I love it so far. One issue is that the windshield washers only spray about 10 inches up. I'm used to other cars covering the wind screen so it works at highway speeds too. Took it to the dealer and was told there is no adjustment able to be done. Went to a dealer in another town who replaced the washer nozzles under warranty, saying things were good to go! First time I tried them, exactly the same thing. Totally useless in removing dirt and bugs. Any suggestions? I don't wish to monkey around and screw up warranty.
  3. I took my 2019 GMC Sierra to the dealer right after I bout it, complaining that the spray was strong but only came up onto the bottom of the screen. No good at highway speeds. Went to another GM dealer and they said they can't be adjusted. Installed new nozzles under warranty and voila same darned thing!
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