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  1. Mirrors are still fro sale, make me an offer! No sense in letting them sit around the garage.
  2. Going to install a 2” level in my 2016 Double-Cab 4x4 Z71 to then add 285/65/18 or 275/70/18 tires. Looking at both the upper and lower spacers, what is the conscience on which is the better option? The upper coil spacer or the lower strut mount spacer?
  3. BUMP, Mirrors are available, open to reasonable offers!
  4. Mirrors are still available, PM me with a reasonable offer!
  5. Bump, Mirrors are still available.
  6. After the deep freeze we had in the upper Midwest last week, the passenger side window washer nozzle has stopped working. After the weekend thaw the drivers side worked fine, however the passenger side now only provides a little squirt of fluid and bubbles. Guessing the only way to diagnose is to remove the wiper cowl to inspect the hose for that side possibly replace the nozzle? Anybody know how to remove the cowl and have any other ideas?
  7. Yes, these are still available for sale.
  8. Where you able to just cut out the stock muffler and slide this one in? Did you connect it with Lap joint band clamps or did you have to weld it in?
  9. Bump, open to offers, need to make room in the garage before winter!
  10. Ditto, plumb separate. I installed the Firestone RideRite as well on my 2016, also had them on both my previous Rams with no issues.
  11. Same here. The dealer did a "Human Interface" update 3-weeks ago when the truck was in for service and my connection issue got worse and to top it off the service writer said I should not do any of the updates on my iPhone as that will cause the CarPlay to not connect. I don't use the bluetooth because then the CarPlay won't connect at all. I am using an "Apple" cable as at first they said that was my issue. Frustrated that I am having so may connection issues, guess I am not alone on this one.
  12. Bump, Open to reasonable offers.
  13. Removed from my 2016 Double Cab Silverado to install Tow Mirrors. Power adjust, heated. Mirrors are in great shape. $125 plus shipping for the set. Located in Waukesha, WI (suburb of Milwaukee) if local could arrange to meet rather than ship.
  14. Last week my 2016 5.3 heater blower started ticking so they replaced that, while it was in the shop the tech diagnosed a tick under the hood as well and replaced both the left and right fuel rails i believe, fortunately I was still under warranty. There was a service bulletin for it, when I get home I can pull the info off the service invoice.
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