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  1. Rear Air Bags

    Kubs, Thanks for the feedback and the pics.
  2. Heading to Sturgis this year and towing my dad's 26' toy hauler with (2) bikes. The trailer weights 5,300 lbs empty with the bikes and gear should end up around 7,500 lbs. Thinking about installing the Firestone Ride Rite air bags (link below) in the rear of my 2016 Double-Cab 1500 4x4. Is this this a good plan or is the truck equipped well enough from the factory to handle this towing set-up? http://riderite.com/Ride-Rite Product Detail
  3. Good news from Apple

    Thanks for all the info. Have been pulling my hair out over the lack of consistent CarPlay in my 16 Silverado. Even had the dealer look at id during last service and they said the system was current and "couldn't replicate the problem." Based on the version numbers provided they were wrong. Also glad to hear Apple is opening the infrastructure to allow the other applications in CarPlay.
  4. Remote Unlock

    Took the truck in, ended up being the door lock actuator, covered under warranty.
  5. Recently when using the remote to unlock the doors I noticed that the front passenger door doesn't unlock with the remote key fob. I hit the unlock button once to unlock the driver door than quickly again to unlock all the other doors. All the doors unlock except the front passenger. The lock works fine with the lock/unlock buttons in the truck as well as the auto lock/unlock when putting the truck in gear and then back into Park. The issue only seems to be with the Fob. Any thoughts on this are appreciated, trying to save a trip to the dealer, truck details below. 2016 Silverado LT Z71 Double Cab 5.3L, 4X4
  6. Had these replaced under warranty during my last service. Dealer confirmed the strips on the Cab are to protect the paint from the rubber on the bed that rubs on the cab.
  7. Navigation maps

    Bummed they don't have the ability to upgrade and add the APP Shop to the 2016 models. Would like to have this option to add additional apps to my system.
  8. Cab marker light wiring

    Really want to add these to my 1500 as well, tow a lot and just plain looks good. However I am very nervous about cutting holes in the roof and possible future leaks. I like the Dremel idea, thanks for sharing Jaychevy81!
  9. Gear selector +/- selector

    Ditto on the RainX, however if the Truck had Rain sensing wipers I would not have to treat with RainX. Loved this feature on the Durango I had before switching over to the Silverado.
  10. I know that CarPlay can only be used when plugged into the USB port in my '16 Silverado. I also have my phone connecting to the truck via Bluetooth. Should I not be doing both? I noticed that when a mesage comes in get both the CarPlay and Bluetooth notification and when using Spotify sometimes it plays via the Bluetooth and other times via CarPlay?
  11. Another area to tap is the bottom of the B-Pillar, I had a similar issue with my '16 Double-Cab when I closed the Drivers door there was a rattle/vibration that I could replicate by tapping the pillar near the floor. Ended up being the seat belt mechanism, replaced under warranty and the noise went away.
  12. Watch the video on YouTube, there a comments from viewers regarding a fix, appears to be an issue with cracks in the metal base. My '16 started doing the same thing, still under warranty so adding it to the list of issues the next time I take it in for service.
  13. MyLink Shop App

    Crstfr is correct, I asked at the dealer as I don't have this on my 2016 and I was told it was only on 2017+
  14. I will start off by saying there is a ton of information around this topic. With that said, I am hoping there has been experience with the set-up I am looking at and open to the forums feedback. I am planning on installing either the the rough Country 2" front leveling kit of the Rancho Quick Lift 2" Complete struts (no rear lift) on my 2016 Z71 Extended Cab 4x4 Silverado. To complement the lift I am looking at the XD Series XD 778 Monster18 X9 6-139.70 -12 wheels. What size tire, larger than stock, can I put on these wheels with the 2" front level, with no modifications or rubbing? Thanks in advance for the feedback on this.
  15. Vent visors

    I have the AVS Stick-On and love them. I had the in-channel on a previous truck and didn't care for them.

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