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  1. 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers with 2” RC level.
  2. Just put 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers on my 2014 Chevy with a 2” RC LEVEL. Zero rub what so ever. Tires are 33.98 x 11.5 wide.
  3. Just FYI. I got the 285/70/18 put on today. They don’t rub.
  4. Well guys I finally bit the bullet and ordered 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers for my 2014 Chevy Silverado with a 2” RC level. I’m here to tell y’all they DO NOT RUB but lord have mercy is it close. I spent countless hours on here asking and researching and just about everyone said they would rub but no one had personal experience to tell me for sure. Glad I didn’t listen. Feel free to share that this size FITS. Hope it saves someone else the time of researching!!!
  5. Here’s to all y’all that said 285/70/18 would rub with a 2” RC leveling kit. Well I’m here to tell you they don’t but lord have mercy it’s close.
  6. Got any pics of how you zip tied the fender liner to the frame? Thinking I may have to do this as well. Just ordered 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers. I have a 2” RC level.
  7. Just ordered 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers for my 2014 Chevy Silverado. I’ve got a 2” RC leveling kit. Hopefully the rub is minimal to none at all. Tires will be put on tomorrow.
  8. Has anyone been able to verify if 285/70/18 will fit with a 2” level? I currently have 275/70/18 toyo open country mt (33.6 x 11) with no rub. It’s time for a new set and I really want to try 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers but have yet to find anyone with this setup to verify if they’ll rub or not. Image is with 275/70/18 toyo open country mt
  9. I'm gonna try it and see. It still blows my mind I've yet to find one single person with the exact setup I'm asking about. Maybe ill be the first with a 2" RC level and 285/70/18 nitto ridge grapplers lol
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