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  1. Right, just like ford heads have their spark plug issues, I was wondering if anything like that is noticed on these 6.2L motors.
  2. Well neither powertrain or extended warranty cover shocks and struts so that’s that. What kind of failure, leaking struts and stuff, or electronic failure?
  3. I recently purchased a 2017 Denali ultimate with the 6.2, 37,000 miles and when I was in finance they guy sold me on an extended warranty. He ended up charging me $4,900 for it! My wife was telling me to do it but the price was a shock to both of us. If I cancel in the first 30 days I can get a full refund. Now I was wondering is there any common problems happening with these trucks with 100,000 miles or more? Ive worked on cars most of my life, ASE certified, so I know what I’m doing under a hood. With my mechanical skill level I think I would be good to cancel it, just trying to gather thought and opinions. Thanks.
  4. Started shortly after ? Maybe. But I think the rake is a little excessive. I’ll put a tape measure on it when I get home today. Thank you, it has definitely grown on me! I’m just happy it’s not white or black.
  5. I’ll have to look at how the strut mounds to see if it is the same. But the weather here in south Texas has been so nasty I lack the motivation to go look.
  6. I purchased my first gmc this past weekend. Previously had a 17 ltz z71, but I was hit by an 18 wheeler and it totaled the truck. I went and picked up a 17 Denali with the ultimate package, 4x4 and 6.2 in it for what insurance paid me out on my Silverado! The truck is mineral metallic, very unique color. It almost looks kind of olive. But what I noticed the most is the suspension, it sits so low in the front you would think it isn’t a 4x4! The magnaride struts, do they mount the same as non magnaride? I bought a 2.25” leveling kit for my Silverado but never put it on, and I’m wondering if I can use it on my Silverado. Also, I had power running boards on the Silverado that I took off. I think they are AMP Reshearch. They work for any 1/2 ton Silverado or Sierra. I’ll be putting them up for sale soon if anybody wants a power running boards without spending $1,500
  7. I’m looking at a 2017 high country 1500 with the 6.2 in it, has 28,000 miles on it and they want 36,700
  8. Both of those are exactly what I am looking for! Thanks for your help! and being in Texas, I’m only 4 hours away from one of them. I have thought about Sierra, but I like the Chevy front end better. The 19’s look really good, I’m just waiting on the price of those to drop a little more.
  9. Yeah I don’t mind driving to get the right truck. I guess I don’t know where the biggest dealers are at in the south, more volume more trucks.
  10. Where did you find a vin decoder? I didn’t think of that. Do sites like autotrader, cars.com, etc let you search for vehicles by vin?
  11. Haha Im definitely taking those off. Blue book only gives you 225$ for power running boards, versus 1500$ parts cost
  12. I’d love to! But when you look closer it gets worse. Needs a new cab and doors too. Then you have all the damage on the front end + suspension too
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