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  1. I have a 2020 AT4 HD 400 miles now and mine has made that exact same knock as the video outlines. I commented to the salesman about it but he said he wasn’t that familiar with any of the sounds. I had been waiting a month for delivery bc of the GM strike. I went back to the dealer the same day I took delivery last week and made them start another diesel and it had same knock but not near as loud as mine. Heard three others since with no noise. It’s Horrible at idle and seems to go away about 900-1000 rpms. Some mornings not audible for a minute or two then comes on strong as it warms. Service manager today says it’s normal and they printed me off the ticking service bulletin. It’s a knock not a tick. He also told me to drive it and about halfway through oil life if still audible then they might investigate it. It’s a little embarrassing I’ve had a couple people ask me “what’s that knocking?” I give them the $70k shrug and say it’s normal. Lol. I hope they figure something out. Reprogram an injector if it’s like a fuel knock or something. Found this thread researching and thought I would chime in.
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