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  1. I saw it in person. My dealer had one. One side looked great (the side facing the sun) - the other side looked blah.. It seems to be very "sun" dependant. But when its pretty - its gorgeous!!!
  2. I swear I can't figure that color out. Some pics it looks great. Others it looks like a dull black. It's GORGEOUS in your pic. But even in your pic - the back half looks better than the front half.
  3. With GMC being the biggest gainer percentage wise. I think that's what really helped out.
  4. So, the strike in the fall of 2019 severely limited GM's production. The strike gets settled and they open the plant 7 days a week 3 shifts and churn out vehicles for... 4 or 5 months(?). Now Covid 19 hits and the planst are shut down again. Production of 2021's would typically start in the July/August timeframe. Not that it means anything, but this has me wondering if a 2020 will be "rare". I think there will be a lot less made, and therefore a lot less purchased. Like I said, not that it means anything. But there might not be that many 2020's out there when this all shakes out. Thoughts?
  5. I gave Casper a hand washing and drying today.
  6. So I'm out driving my new 2020 Sierra Denali 2500HD today and I stop at a red light on a very slight uphill. While I'm sitting there, my IP gives me a big bold message saying "Hill Ascent Assist On". I've never heard of this and did not know what it was. After coming home I googled it and now I understand what it is. I researched the hell out of this truck before I ordered it and I do not remember ever seeing anything that the truck has this feature. Is this a new thing? I came out of a 2011 Silverado and I 've never had a vehicle with this feature.
  7. I didn't get to keep my stock ones. They told me the price I paid ($660) was for the upgraded color matched ones and included them getting the black ones back.
  8. I think incentives may go up, but dealer inventory will go down. With the factory not producing any more, and incentives climbing, is that vehicle you want going to be there long?
  9. My 2011 Silverado was color matched. It was a black truck. Sorry... had to...
  10. The dealer is right. But they dont paint them. I order mine from the factory with the color matched fender mouldings. The truck showed up with black fenders, but the dealer also received the color matched white fenders which they installed before my purchase.
  11. I'm going to have my dealer do all of my oil changes. I wonder what they will use?...
  12. Wow. It opens on my GMC Sierra Denali. I can't imagine that thing not opening...
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