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  1. I have a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD with the Denali package and the Duramax diesel. I get 21 on the highway and 17-18 in the city.
  2. Got a new 2020 GMC 2500 Denali Duramax. This "weird" problem started a few days ago. When ever I get in my truck, what ever radio station the radio is on starts playing for like 2 seconds. Then it stops. When I change radio stations, the music starts again, and when I change it back to the station it was on - it plays no problem. So every time I get in my truck I have to change the station and then change it back. Doesn't matter if its Sirius, FM, AM - does it on all of them. I have tried turning off the radio by hand, but that didn't help. Thoughts?
  3. If youre off road A LOT - AT4. If youre not - like most if us - Denali hands down.
  4. It's a picture of what is on my screen - therefore it is a reverse negative.
  5. Would this light bar work on a 2020 GMC with the multi pro tailgate?
  6. Considering they normally start switching over the plant to the next model year in July... how many you think are going to get made? I'm guessing 2020's will always be a somewhat "rare truck".
  7. With plants closed down due to the strike, and shortly after firing back up - they closed down again due to Covid - SO... not a lot of supply out there. They don;t need to over incentivise the HD's as demand still outweighs supply.
  8. I totally agree. I'm a vinyl record guy myself. But the point is state of the art designers and engineers are not going to put a CD player in a new truck. Just like they wont put in a cassette player or 8 track tape player. You have to go aftermarket like the suggestions say.
  9. CD's are obsolete. If Chevy put one in your truck - they would get LAUGHED at. ESPECIALLY in a vehicle with apple car play. You can play any song on demand whenever you want. If you feel you truly need a CD player buy one and install.
  10. HEY MTU- I ask because you have been very helpful with this stuff. Any idea why my "invisible" camera mode needs to be re-calibrated every time I hook up, or have a gas station break, or stop for food? It's pain to drive the length of a football field while going 5 miles an hour to calibrate this thing every time.
  11. Very rare for a warranty to cover an AC problem at 60K miles. Your bumper to bumper is 36K. I have always said no to extended warranties, but on my new 2020 Sierra 2500HD Duramax Denali I paid to extend my bumper to bumoer to 100K. I figured there was too much "tech" not to.
  12. Just a heads up - looking out for ya. If you've only had it a week, have you put 500 miles on it yet? Our owners manuals say no towing during the first 500 mile break in period.
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