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  1. difference between chevy and GMC is not ALL cosmetic. Chevy doesnt' have that Multi Pro Tailgate.
  2. Last year that side step wasn't there, and the running boards matriculated back so you could step on it to reach that part of the bed - i think I would've liked that better.
  3. Ahhh.. so maybe what I am seeing in the HUD is not onstar nav but rather the GM nav app. That's probably correct as I go thru the infotainment screen and hit NAV. That's good news as that means cancelling onstar will not affect that turn by turn thing showing up in the HUD. Thanks again.
  4. First off - thanks for the reply. But now I'm really confused. If I cant use waze, google or any other non GM navigation app, I thought that meant it WOULD go away, as the nav I'm using now (to be able to see it in HUD) is the Onstar navigation. It's called Onstar turn by turn navigation.
  5. So I picked up my new 2020 Sierra 2500HD Denali this past weekend. Of course it comes with the free onstar for a period of time. I really like how the direction and distance of the next turn pops up in the heads up display. My question is- When Onstar goes away will that function go away too? or does that function still work if I use Waze, google maps or some other non onstar navigation app? Bill
  6. REally dude? How about pulling my 14,000 pound RV (cant do that with a car) and when I get to my destination I get to relax in my camping chair, put the tailgate down, and Bluetooth my phone into the speakers and listen to anything in the world. You do you, I'll do me.
  7. Here's my new one. His name is Casper. He is sitting in the show room waiting for me to pick him up on Tuesday. Like the white fender moldings?
  8. Went with the Kicker system designed for the truck.
  9. Well he's fine. No scratches. They put him in the show room today until I can pick him up on tuesday. I went there after work and there is zero sign of boxes on that passenger side. Little scratch on the tailgate that I will mention.
  10. foot lights? I'll take the increased towing capacity. Puddle lights too dim, I'll take the multi pro tailgate. Interior accents that aren't black - I'll take the 17 camera pro trailering... Love mine. no complaints. Did you look at it before you bought it? Or are you a Ford or Dodge owner here to stir it up?
  11. Oh boy. We're sidetracked. Sorry to have stirred this hornets nest.
  12. Not sure what that means. My truck will be towing my 28 foot travel trailer - so yes - I need a truck. Not sure where you're going with that...
  13. Noob question here. Does the DIC know if you are using full synthetic and adjust accordingly?
  14. That's not super long to wait. Little on the long side, but no need to worry yet. Dealers receive allocations, in part, based on their size and how many units they move. Did you order thru a smaller dealership? If so, that will take a bit longer. I ordered December 6th. TPW was 1/20. Truck actually built on 1/27. Received at dealer today (2/12)
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