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  1. As someone who purchased a 2020 Sierra Denali 2500HD Duramax, the only addition I see that I would like is the Apple Car Play going wireless.
  2. I know it says go under 30 to calibrate - but mine will only do it if I'm going under 10. I find 7 MPH works best. Real pain.
  3. Mine had just the opposite problem - shows only half full when its full.
  4. You got the color matched wheel fenders! I do too. They look SSSSOOOOO good in white. Sets the truck apart from the 99% that have black fenders.
  5. My TT also has the Furrion but it can't be used to view the Invisbile trailer mode. I used the furrion all the time before I bought my new truck, But the invisble trailer is much better. And yes I use my invisible trailer and still see my navigation. The other good thing about invisible trailer is that it is not one the 9 second camera things. You can keep that view up for ever. Its way better than a rear view camera as it still shows you whats next to your trailer instead of just whats behind it.
  6. Yeah - I guess I agree but in their defense the instructions for the Trailer/RV profile part of the infotainment screen says to plug in the trailer to a turned off truck. Upon turning the truck on all the camera angles set.
  7. I have this issue sometimes when I hook up the trailer to an already running truck. I never have the problem if the truck is turned off - then plug in the trailer - then turn on the truck.
  8. The only kind of trailer it works with is conventional. Doesnt work with a 5th wheel. The trailer is too long and the plug is too short - it wont ever calibrate.
  9. You do have to enter the trailer dimensions first. They are entered into the "profile" that you must create for whatever it is you are towing.
  10. The Heads Up Display. I really didn't think that would be a big deal coming in to the truck... but man... I LOVE it!
  11. Just a question. Not meaning to be snarky or a jerk. For you guys that are interested in this option, why did you not order it when you bought your truck? I made sure mine had it. I love it and it works great.
  12. I have a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD with the Denali package and the Duramax diesel. I get 21 on the highway and 17-18 in the city.
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