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  1. Must be the photo. Looks like the big cab and the big bed.
  2. It’s easier for most to do work like this at home on the weekend than it is to deal with the dealer.
  3. If that’s the case we can sand the glaze off at home.
  4. ^^^ Wow! Few non-Trail Bosses interest me. Your truck is awesome!
  5. Glad to see it. I hate diesels that smoke and stink. Almost always redneck hicks.
  6. LOL! Nothing says eBay mods faster than the fake HIDs that blind everyone everywhere the person goes. So freakin annoying. Makes me want to punch people.
  7. It’s not fade. It’s a softness. Just buy a harder ceramic pad.
  8. I don’t understand such anguish over brake noise. Just put some ceramic pads on it and be done with all the drama.
  9. If you don’t need a real off road tire, the Defender LTX is unbeatable. But it’s a road tire.
  10. Thanks for the demo. I appreciate your experiences.
  11. I want hard plastics. Soft plastics in a pickup make no sense for people who use them as trucks. For people who use them like a car that never works, they should make a separate interior. Ford made theirs softer recently and now my dog destroys the interior. I just bought Chevy and the dog does zero damage to the hard plastics and cloth that car people complain about. I love the interior.
  12. It honestly reminds me, as a lifelong F150 owner-turned T1 owner, like Ford is trying to look a little like Dodge, not Chevy. It’s better, but I’ll still take my CTB all day, every day.
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