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  1. As I’ve said, as a lifelong Ford owner I don’t trust them anymore. People on here cry about a leaking window, but my ‘17 F150 had a loose knocking wrist pin that Ford refused to fix, a bad vibration from a wrong pinion angle, a very rough, clunky transmission, and a power steering that had a loud defective motor. I don’t care what Ford has and what they sell it for. I’ll never buy another one. On top of that I had ‘13 and ‘15 Mustang GTs and they were just ticking time bombs. I’m not going back for a long time, if ever.
  2. I have never seen discounts on the entry Raptors. Maybe times have changed.
  3. Oh, only $23,000 more. Chump change. Shoulda bought a Raptor I guess.
  4. Haha, you’re talking to 6.2TB. I just replied to him about how nice his truck is.
  5. A Raptor costs twice what my Trail Boss cost or I’d be driving one of those.
  6. Buying a $60K truck and worried about economy of 5.3 vs 6.2? Are you sure this is right for you? Maybe do what I did and buy a Custom TB with a 6.2 and don’t worry about it.
  7. Yeah, as a person who’s owned Fords for 30 years, the competition is really making the F150 look bad. Basically any truck looks better. Back when I bought my ‘06 F150 it was the best package. Not anymore. This new Silverado got me to buy my first GM ever.
  8. Well, Chevy has life-long Ford owners that finally came to them because their trucks don’t look like crap, so there’s that.
  9. I wouldn’t expect the dealer to take the truck back at their expense. They’re a dealer, not GM. Your battle is with GM. Good luck. With any car company you’ll need it. It’s not just GM. They are all awful to deal with. Be nice to your dealer. It’s your best bet.
  10. It’s sad that a company with hundreds of engineers makes a vehicle that leaks water inside. How many decades has mankind been able to make cars that don’t leak water inside? 8? 9? Cars have kept the elements out since World War I. Since humans didn’t have a basic understanding of bacteria. I’m dumber for having contemplated this.
  11. Intermittent highway vibration is usually from a couple tires slightly out of balance rotating enough to finally line up just right and combine forces. I always road force balance tires when I get to about 5,000 miles. Very rarely do they break in and stay balanced perfectly. Tires are great now in terms of comfort and mileage, but they can be a bitch to balance.
  12. Since you mentioned it, I wanted to let you know that salt wrecks the pH of the entire environment, mainly the water. It’s a stupid plague and a symbol of man’s idiocy that an alternative is not feverishly pursued. My hometown in western Kentucky uses something based on beets, of all things, and does not use salt. It’s a big problem though. Huge.
  13. I came out to my truck today and the driver seat has spots all over it. Apparently water came in and now the seat is stained for whatever reason. 1500 miles and I need my seat shampooed already. Frustrating.
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