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  1. I never suspected you hadn’t tried uninstalling your phone from the truck. That’s always step #1 if you have pairing issues.
  2. Yes, I would test a new one and pay particular attention to the throttle when cold, as well as rear end noises starting off or coming to a stop. If the truck didn’t have those issues, it would have been perfect. I suspect what my truck did is common.
  3. It’s not about how good of a truck you have. It’s about multiple parties and standards all working together. My experience has been that even with updates from Apple, app makers, and the car manufacturer, if things start out sketchy they usually stay that way. The bulk of the heavy lifting in software is for the future, not updating the old. Regardless, I think your issue, if there is one, can be resolved. Seems minor.
  4. I decided to downsize back to a car because of finance changes due to the pandemic and because I couldn’t fall in love with a vehicle that the dealer refused to care for. If I were to buy another truck I would probably lean towards another Chevy, but I would pay a lot more attention to how it runs cold and listen for clunking in the rear end. I do hope they restrain themselves and offer basic trim for people who use trucks as trucks. I’m not your typical forum “I sold my truck because it’s sucks” guy. The Silverado can be the best truck on the road and I think people who don’t have the problems mine had have the best trucks that you can buy for the money in the USA. Cheers guys. I will be lurking and watching how the Silverado develops. When I recover from the financial shock of the pandemic I hope to have the cash to buy another Silverado.
  5. The body lines look great in that color, even under a cloudy sky.
  6. I had a farm truck from 1998 till 2018 with 320,000 on the original engine. Power nothing. It killed me to finally get it off the street and sell it to a laborer for $800. Best vehicle I ever owned. F150 4.9L
  7. It was ruined by wet shorts. Wrinkled up and look awful. If you don’t use your truck for truck stuff, instead using it like a gigantic luxury car, then you’ll have no problem.
  8. Actually, my 2006 F150 FX4 was the truck as I was using as an example of being over the top. Leather, moonroof, sliding window, etc. Sat in it one time with a towel under me pulling a boat out and the seat was ruined on my perfect truck. It went downhill from there. This TB will not have a single one of those issues. Live and learn. But I realize some people it’s their main ride, want kids in the back in comfort, date night with the wife, etc. I get it. A lot of us just want a utility vehicle though. This TB is the first cool work truck that I think I’ve ever seen.
  9. It’s a small screen. The truck has CarPlay and auto headlights. Power windows/locks. Cruise. Compass and outside temp. That’s it. Very basic and perfect for me.
  10. Uh, you must not know what the Custom TB is. It’s the Work Truck base model with suspension and wheels.
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