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  1. My TB has/had the rattle, and it's been to the dealer twice for it. They never figured it out. I put a hard cover on and that helps
  2. I don't want to "live" with a broken headliner, but I dont have faith it can be fixed without causing other issues. So if I can get something to offset the damage it may be in my best interest to go in that direction.
  3. So I dropped off my 2020 TB LT on Thursday to have the leaking rear window fixed. I was called and told the truck is ready this AM. The dealership told me it was the 3rd brake light leaking, and not the window. So after signing the paperwork I said "I'm going to go inspect my truck real quick". I looked at the 3rd brake light from the bed of the truck and all looked good. Then I went in the truck to look at the rear window area and I saw "blue fiberglass" dust all over my leather seats. Then I look at the headliner and there is a noticeable 4 inch crack in the fiberglass liner and the fabric is buckled where the crack is. I go inside and ask for a manager, who comes out and he immediately sees it. He said they will fix it, but wanted me to know how involved the R&R of the headliner is. My truck is black so I feel like the paint is so soft that if you sneeze on it, it will scratch. I don't have faith they can remove the windshield and install the headliner without doing some type of damage. I'm thinking of telling them to give me a credit for the amount it would cost to R&R the headliner, and using that to get a Borla exhaust. Does anyone think they will "barter" with me?
  4. Add me to the list. Was washing my 2020 Trailboss LT and had water running down rear window, and collecting on top of seat backs.. I have an appointment at dealership on Thursday. 3200 miles. Not happy Pics taken. The dealership said the 1st thing they do is spray water on it to see if they can replicate the issue.
  5. What year and model is your truck? I have a 2020 TB LT and Amazon is saying these don't fit.
  6. I just got a notification for a new recall. The "MyChevrolet" app says recall for a "loose alternator cable". Anyone else get this notice?
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