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  1. size difference isn't huge. about an inch and a half. not gonna notice much on speedo. But dealer can flash the speedo to any factory size tires, 275/60/20 is one of them
  2. Yeah I have this too but ironically, only does it when I leave work and thought it was the road then I drove my girlfriend's car on the same road and it was smooth.
  3. I found rear view camera on the Ram was better, way more high def. I came off 2010 ram 1500 sport. I was looking into buying new Ram rebel due to all the things it comes with for offroad purposes but price tag for those up here in Canada is 70k Definitely nicer interior in the ram and 5.7 hemi with 8spd transmission and 3.92 gearing pulls nice. Then I test drove 2019 trailboss which fits the bill with factory lift all the way around; no need to throw money at it to level/lift the truck to start. Definitely not as gutsy as ram with 3.92 and 5.7 hemi but still drove nice and I didn't really care for 6.2 and filling premium gas after owning ram. Chevy has 0% financing and incentives which won me over on top of everything
  4. rears for TB/AT4's been out for a while now.
  5. Gonna guess bike was just threw on there for demonstration purposes in the parking garage.
  6. fabtech says 130ft/lbs with their lift kit with rear block but that's with their U-bolt and such https://fabtechmotorsports.com/instructions/FT21268i.pdf
  7. Don't just add more air to reduce rolling resistance. too much air = uneven tread wear
  8. you can't use standard relearn tool. Uni-sensor requires its own tool to program it to different vehicle manufacturer
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