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  1. rears for TB/AT4's been out for a while now.
  2. Gonna guess bike was just threw on there for demonstration purposes in the parking garage.
  3. fabtech says 130ft/lbs with their lift kit with rear block but that's with their U-bolt and such https://fabtechmotorsports.com/instructions/FT21268i.pdf
  4. Don't just add more air to reduce rolling resistance. too much air = uneven tread wear
  5. you can't use standard relearn tool. Uni-sensor requires its own tool to program it to different vehicle manufacturer
  6. just a color. paint it any color you like. red hooks are factory installed for trailboss and at4 models.
  7. I know this is from a while ago but 500lbs on road load limit is dynamic load. Meaning that's max it can hold while vehicle is in motion. Static load(parked) is doubled.
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