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  1. I know this is from a while ago but 500lbs on road load limit is dynamic load. Meaning that's max it can hold while vehicle is in motion. Static load(parked) is doubled.
  2. sounds like he should take it to another dealer, one who can properly set backlash
  3. There is an actual bushing and this one sits just off to the side. that's why I kind of just ignored it since there's one actually there and only driver side has this extra mount which is empty
  4. Though, looking at this, I think it's just not meant to be there? https://www.chevroletonlineparts.com/v-2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500--lt-trail-boss--5-3l-v8-gas/body--body-mounting
  5. Yep, noticed that too but didn't bother taking it to dealer to see if it's supposed to be missing
  6. you are talking about the one that's not the main cab mount bushing. off to a side a bit? I noticed mine is missing too.
  7. mine is very intermittent. only the usb C plug on the center console. it works fine then one week it stops working. dealer said to use "high quality" cable, I told them I'm using the cord that came with my Google pixel 3 so not a cheap ebay/amazon cord all I got is that they can't do anything unless it's completely dead.
  8. Just heard back from the dealer and they couldn't pull any codes or parameters all seem normal and he assured me 140-180 is normal operating temperature.. I asked in Celsius or Fahrenheit? and he said celsius.. seems wrong....
  9. Is there way to check fluid color on these 8 spd transmission? I just know there's no dipstick to check the level or anything
  10. since then it's been running normally. I don't exactly know what the normal temperature for city/hwy driving is for these trucks and tranny but I find it runs between 140-180F
  11. Yeah.. I figured it would throw a code but it was definitely 145deg C. I should've taken some pictures at the time but didn't think to. I'd say about 1-2km/ 1.2 miles? till I decided to turn around and go back. not sure if tech can plug in obd reader and pull some historical data or anything.. Meant to drop it off tomorrow to have couple of things looked at.
  12. Recently bought 2019 Silverado lt trailboss with 5.3 and 8spd tranny What's the normal operating temp for 8speed transmission? Not towing but just driving in the city/hwy. I'm getting between 70-85 deg Celsius or 158-185 deg f. Also noticed temp went really high while driving in the moderately deep snow on the back road in 4hi. 140deg Celsius! Which I think is 290f. Are these temps normal? Coming off dodge with 5spd tranny it was running at 50 for normal use and Max of 80deg Celsius these high temps are new to me, unsure if it's even normal? Truck only has 1300km
  13. It chatters/rattles on bumps, which is driving me nuts and it'll only get worse off road. dealer said it's normal and there is no fix or update by GM My dodge has rubber bumpers for the tailgate attached to the bed for this reason.
  14. How do people fix the tailgate rattle? Realized Chevy's don't have rubber bumpers for the tailgate. I don't see any "kit" for the new t1 Chevy
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