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  1. Flatbed Trailer full of scrap wire and metal, same trailer with several large job boxes full of stuff, my buddies side by side and my snowmobiles up through the mountains. I even got to tow one of our other trucks and it being a ford made it much more fun. It has done a great job at all of it. I like it better than my 2011 with a 5.3 for the most part. I am still not a fan of the sound of the motor but thats about it.
  2. @Taz56 Paid attention this morning on the way to the office. The rear heat button (defrost) does not make any difference as I thought it did when I did a quick test. So the two little vents don't blow when floor only is selected, had to turn on main vents and did not mess with defrost. They did blow warm air but the flow is not equal to the main vents so less air coming out. It seemed like they took longer to blow warm air than main vents but not sure on that one.
  3. Noticed this as well and it seems you have to turn on the rear heat for the vents to blow hot/warm. Seems stupid to me but maybe a way to separate the front and rear temps.
  4. Added some running boards and sealed and polished the paint.
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