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  1. Hey y’all so my mom just picked up a nice 2016 canyon with 55k it drives really nice and everything seems fine until I was able to crawl underneath and see more surface rust than I expected, I do live in CT so I know the road conditions eat away at cars it seems to be on the welding mostly but is this something I should be concerned about or is it normal for a 4 year old truck in CT, we have 30 days to decide if we want to keep it or not, thanks for any feed back.
  2. I realized I posted this in the wrong spot but can’t see where to delete post only ‘edit’ it’s my first post here bare with me
  3. Hey y’all so my mom just picked up a sweet 2016 GMC Canyon with 55k miles everything seems fine rides like a dream but finally got to crawl underneath and was a little shocked at what I saw but I do live in CT so the harsh road conditions Ofcourse eat away at cars so is this kind of surface rust common for something 4 years old or should I be more concerned about this being a big issue before the truck is even paid off. Seems to be mostly on the welds but def more than I was expecting..We have 30 days with the truck for 100% money back. Thanks for any feedback, I have more pictures but can only upload 2 on here.
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