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  1. For anyone struggling with the idea of dealing with the refrigerant aspect of this job, Jiffy Lube will evacuate and refill after you have done the repair. Its $129 at my local place in reno
  2. I'm guessing that if there is a difference, it is in the mounting brackets. Have you tried theseatshop.com ?
  3. Picked up a set of p-rated street tires in 275/55 today that come in at 11 pounds lighter than my current "offroad" tires. I'll update the change in fuel mileage after I put on 1000 miles for the next schmuck that digs up this thread in a search.
  4. The 2x4 doesn't work with these in. Though you could put a tension bar between them, or mount some sort of bracket on the boxes themselves to hold a 2x.
  5. STEEL WHEELS?!?! Let's not get carried away here. I'm trying to save a few bucks, not bankrupt any Saudi Kings...
  6. The Nittos are E rated and weigh in at 53 pounds. The "highway friendly" tires in the same size that I am looking at are in the 41-43 lb. range. I have to imagine that dropping 10+ pounds of rolling mass per corner is going to help with climbing a 500 foot grade every time I leave/come back to my neighborhood.
  7. I'll have to give that a shot! Do I apply it directly to the treads? If so, what's the best method of applying it evenly? Oh, and if Amsoil gives me 1.5-2 mpg, would I get 2-3 if I use Mobil1???
  8. Just out of curiosity: How did a dumb question about whether ditching my current AT's for street tires would help my fuel economy turn into a pissing match about which tire is better in the sand? If people want to pointlessly argue on the internet, let's make it fun: A- MAGA!!!!! B- "Impeach the [email protected]#$r!" Have at it...
  9. Of course I didn't buy a 6.2 V8 truck for it's fuel economy. I bought this truck for the 10-15 times per year that I drag my family and camper over 8000+ foot elevations where my old 5.3 just wasn't cutting it. I also didn't buy it to ride trails/ go mudding/rock climbing. IF I can gain 1-2 mpg by ditching the heavy, aggressive tread tires, it makes sense. Feel free to call me old and uncool.
  10. I'm guessing that this answer has been asked many times before, but here goes. I've had my leveled 6.2 Sierra SLT for roughly 6 months now. It came with 275/55 20 Nitto Ridge grapplers which now have 50% of their tread. I am currently averaging 15.6 MPG. I live 5000 feet above sea level, and the roads here are essentially a roller coaster. Highway and backroads (even mix) are all up/down hills. I'm looking for justification to switch to a much more road friendly tire like a Cooper HT.
  11. I just replaced the worn out rear Rancho shocks in my 2014 with Bilstiens and it made a significant difference.
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