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  1. Exactly why I haven't taken mine in Ive got to much work Im doing to it now
  2. Damn that black with the brass monkey wheels looks good, I wouldn't even mess around and get it ceramic coated asap, had a black SRT 8 for my first hot rod and it was the biggest biggest regret of my life not getting the ceramic coating on that thing. Ever since then I look away in defeat at black cars and just admire their beauty but Luckily for me they're usually always dirty
  3. Lmao yea I was gonna go for the low profile ones but my wife went truck shopping with me (never again) and wouldn't stop complaining about getting her footing (shes not fat I promise just clumsy) so I bought the damn things cant say they haven't grown on me though
  4. In the middle of installing a front Focal Flax front 3 way component setup with one JLTW3 and did a full sound deadening and decoupling treatment with Dynamat extreme and some of that cheap noico stuff for the rear cab since the rear doesnt see as much of the heat. then later this week Il be doing a full paint correction, polish, and ceramic coating (what I do part time since Im in college). Should only take me 2 days since shes so new but I go panel by panel and utilize a 4 step process and am pretty meticulous about my vehicles. Also Im gonna be adding a ready lift leveling kit to the front, a magna flow exhaust, drop the kooks long tubes in the old girl drop and am contemplating one of those fancy badlands off roading bumpers well see tho gonna have to crank out a few more high end car this month to get the cashflow going for this hobby of mine.
  5. https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/first-install-2019-silverado-lt-trail-boss-with-bose.424877/#post-5794405 Heres a link to my build log for my 2019 LT Trail Boss
  6. Also for anyone wondering this is the correct one I found it after calling around and confirming, I cant just call one place because I dont trust none of these mf’ers cause no one knows jack shit yet about these new trucks almost better to learn everything on the forums and then do it yourself.
  7. I keep hearing there isnt any harnesses out there with audiophile level quality coming, I even called crutch-field and they said there wasn't a harness they have tested for my truck and that the 2019 bose systems were gonna have to wait a little longer before they had any definitive answers, the only reason I know about the NAV TV is because Nick and Apicella auto sound was kind enough to help me out with this nightmare and fill me in, and after looking at some of his builds he definitely knows his shit. Il check that harness out but for what Im going for I think the Nav Tv will be well worth it for me. By the way what is the maestro harness? Sorry this is my first experience in car audio and Ive come a really long because of how much of nightmare this build has been but am still learning quite a bit. Also I had those JLs in my truck... until i burnt the voice coils on all of them lmao... thank God for amazon returns cause learning on 3k worth of audio equipment is a real bitch.
  8. Ok So after hours upon hours of audiophile research heres the deal, if you’re going to put a system into a BOSE 2019+ then you need the NAV TV Unit. Period. It converts the bus data signals to optical/digital or coax and allows the cleanest signal possible with no time alignment issues etc. If you choose to use a harness, (which none on the market to date have zero interference), or if your like me who figured out all of the wire connections on the amp and spliced from there, you are going to need a DSP since the issue with the bose amp is mainly some timing correction that cannot be altered with an LC7i. For the non bose, Im not entirely sure but again the NAV TV unit is without a doubt your best bet for the cleanest possible sound and best bang for your buck build for an audiophile grade signal. I have tried everything, I will also be making a color coated wiring diagram for all the speakers and amp input/output for those who are not going to to buy the NAV TV unit. Again, no matter what, you are going to need a DSP regardless if you have bose or not. Otherwise its not even worth the money upgrading. The whole issue is these newer trucks have converted the signal from the head unit into BUS DATA which obviously is not able to be used by aftermarket amps or DSP’s. So the NAV TV unit essentially changes those pre amp bus data signals into digital or analog allowing you to actually bypass the bose amp or factory amp without losing all of your door chimes etc. If you dont use the nav tv unit you are going to have to tap into the amp post amp signal, and use a dsp to clean up the incoming signal as best you can, then have the dsp convert the signal to rca to be able to plug into your amp. Again you will need a dsp no matter what because the signal coming through has its own factory time alignment which will not suit any aftermarket system you install. As far as tapping into the truck, there is a wire cluster under the passenger rear sill panel, but its best to remove the rear seats and tap in there since its much easier to clean up the wiring mess. Currently Im waiting on my NAV TV unit so Im going to be soddering back all those wires I spliced and when the Nav Tv unit comes In Il install that and send a digital signal to my DSP then send the signal to my amp and finally have a truly worth your money audiophile grade sounding system.
  9. 2019 Silverado 1500 LT Trailboss with bose, just trying to find the correct NAV TV since thete seems to be quite a few
  10. Update: I tuned the settings in the DSP, the assholes who tuned it from the shop clearly had no clue what they were doing and boosted my high frequencies by 6 db, they also didn't set the Timing delays correctly, so I went in there tuned the system (had to make a little custom fab work in order to fit the 3.5” JL speakers in the dash but god damn they sound great) and long story short it sounded way better to keep the front 3 way coax with the 3.5” dash speakers and 6.5” rear door 2 way coax sounds. IT SOUNDS AMAZING FINALLY !!! The nightmare is over !!! Both of my subs are really punchy and are evenly dispersed throughout the cab and the bass and mids are so deep it feels like your losing a little air from your stomach because the sound is so deep rich and full, and hthe highs are crisp and warm, its exactly how I pictured a 3k dollar system to sound, Il post some pictures when Im done cleaning up the truck
  11. Hey bud no worries I was just as ignorant to this whole car situation, but heres the thing, if you dont have BOSE I dont know where you would tap into in order to get signal to the amp, all the trucks come with bus level data signal which is complicated and almost impossible to tap into without a $$$ harness or replacing the head unit with the NAV TV head unit which is what I would recommend to you and just skip the center channel (LOC) all together, but a little update I got my truck to sound AMAZING with a DSP so I would recommend a DSP to anyone
  12. Ive got shrill highs, but I also have 6x9 3 way coax in the front which I think is producing to much high, any tips?
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