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  1. An aluminum key fob would be amazing. But the plastic honestly feels pretty good in hand, I just wish it was a tad bit heavier. But the button feedback is way more positive compared to the OEM key fob. And the process of moving the chip over was insanely easy.
  2. Just added! Sorry trying to figure out how to add pics to the pist
  3. Swapped key fobs to the AJT key fob. Beyond happy with it and I really like the solid buttons rather than the frail rubber buttons thats on the original key fob.
  4. Ended up going with the RetraxONE MX and love it. Not water proof but it''s pretty good with keeping out water even when going through car washes. Super low profile and looks like its pretty hard to break into. Got it for 1150 shipped so I couldn't pass it up
  5. Has anyone tried upgrading the camera? I saw this and was kinda interested: https://camera-source.com/automotive-cams/gm-oe-fit/2016-2018-sierra-silverado-hd-replacement-camera.html
  6. I've never used seafoam before but most people rave about it. How often do you use it in your fuel tank?
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