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  1. Can anyone help me with a cargo lamp bypass? I would just like to be able to turn my cargo\box lights on whether I'm in gear or not. I have a 2015 Duramax for reference.
  2. You just need a 680ohms resistor plugged into the sensor on the top of the dash. Pull the stereo out pop the sensor down plug resistor in, tape if you want, put back together and all done. I did it to my 2015 duramax and I disabled my DRLs as well. I did this a couple years ago no issues
  3. Hello everyone, new member here but I`ve used the forums for tons of information in the past but I`ve finally made an account. I bought a 2015 GMC 2500hd duramax base model new, I`ve done few upgrades haven`t deleted yet but planning soon. as for upgrades 18" ION with 33` toyo M/T`s, backrack that I modified a bit to suit me better, 30" rigid sr behind the grill, flushmount rigids in the rear bumper to help back up at night, morimoto LED headlights, this picture i still had the 4 PIAA cubs as fogs but I've since made some brackets and moved them to the hood by the wiperblades and put some different led cubes in the bumper. I'll put some updated pictures when I take them
  4. My base model 15 GMC 2500HD duramax double cab long box has a payload of 2600lbs, which means be limited to GVWR of 10k puts my weight at 7400lbs ish. My one co worker has a 18 denali 2500 duramax crew cab short box has a payload of 1800lbs. Options cut into payload which on a 3/4 ton is limited as is, especially with the diesel. I haven`t played with the GM site but I know the Ford one only lists maximum for the most part. You pretty much have to go to dealerships and look at stickers, or go 1 ton
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