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  1. Took Delivery of my 2020 LTZ a couple weeks ago, The day i purchased it I heard the THUMP sound before i even drove it off the lot. I brought it to the attention of the tech and also the manager. They both heard it and did seem to show somewhat of a concern, but it was left at that. I asked to go start another 2020 they had on the lot and the thump was there very faintly but not as loud as mine. But from what I've concluded the noise doesn't get loud and annoying until the engine is warmed up. If i had let that other 2020 they had on the lot warm up for 5-10 minutes I"m willing to bet the same sound would have developed. Really hoping GM comes out with a fix for this, its super irritating, very noticeable inside and out of the cab. We all need to complain enough so they will take action!
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