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  1. So, I decided to forgo my last 6k miles of powertrain warranty and get a diablosport tuner with diablew tune. Currently 53k on odometer. I have corsa db catback (love it!) on it already and planning on doing 87/89 tune with Diablew. I wasn't able to get a clear answer but I'd love to have some crackle and burble on decel, that is audible in the cab. Would tuner and Diablew tune have capacity to achieve that? I know a lot of mustangs with V8, Camaros etc can achieve that via tune but I wonder what it takes for 5.3 V8 to have that. Of course, I'd like to not damage engine along the way (if cat goes because of that, I guess header and tube are on the order)
  2. Hi, so I have a 17 Silverado LT with chrome bumpers and grille and trying to convert them into color matching grille & headlight bezel and bumper. Wanted to start with the grille and saw this GM part number. So odd that I can't find any info or actual pics of them. Graphite metallic which matches my trucks color but on eBay they sell it for $1300 then on GM official parts and other web sell them for $300-$400. I wonder if it's a whole grille assembly. Anyone have an idea???
  3. I am not exactly handy so I dont want to mess up trying to skin the leather myself. A little scared I'd say. About the tuner, running tune, does it affect reliability a lot? my only vehicle and daily driver so I'd like to keep it as reliable as I can. It's got 51k on it so powertrain warranty still goes till 60k but this idle thing drives me crazy! GM set the idle too low and I feel too much at idle. Currently AFM is disabled through Range Technology module but nothing I can do about idle till I get a tuner!
  4. Hi, for my new-to-me 17 Silverado LT, I was wondering if anyone uses tuner for certain things. I am not looking for performance gain, just to raise idle from 500 to 650 and deactivate AFM. Is tuner worth it in this case? I was thinking Diablosport. Also, does anyone know a place in Seattle area that can install Katzkin cheap? I am looking to buy the kit online and slap them on at the installer but most of them charge 750-900+tax just for the installation, sounds a little too much. Would it be cheaper to find used leather OEM seats in whole as I was thinking of doing center console swap too. Thank you!
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