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  1. I guess I will have to print out fuse box designations since the truck has no owners manual. I just find it unusual that one mirror works and the other doesn't
  2. I just picked up my 2500hd Silverado a couple of weeks ago, she's a 2004. I bought her with the knowledge that she was going to need a little love. With that said I just replaced the the tow mirrors due to the fact that the driver's side mirror had been damaged from being struck or striking something. The convex was shattered and the side marker lense was missing and the power mirror didn't work at all, the passenger side worked fine and has no damage Bought a set from Amazon and replaced them both as a set for great looked great and still the driver's side power mirror didn't work. I've tried to do some research on my own since I spent 15 years as a front line service tech for both Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota so I'm pretty savvy. Some have suggested that the "driver's door module" needs reprogramming? Others have leaned towards "body control module" needing to be reprogrammed and I've looked online to replace ddm module it would cost about $140 I didn't mind replacing the mirrors as a set sinceone was damaged but my gut and Intuition have me leaning towards replacement of the ddm, I'm wondering if the damage it sustained might have possibly fried the driver circuit for mirror control. Since I'm going to assume that there are two identical circuits mirroring each other. One for the driver's side and when you flip the selector switch to passenger side of the truck and the previous owner fried the driver's side circuit by repeated attempts to operate the damaged mirror. Can anyone else shed some light on this before I go ahead replace the ddm next.
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