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  1. Sorry if I was unclear in my OP...just looking for a foldable hard cover that folks are using that still allows for the remote gate lower function to work with the tonneau closed.AND is entirely easily removable (i.e. has no rails like the Extang unit who's clamps are built into the panels and sits on the bed rails themselves...not on their own rails) Seems many fit the truck but few allow for true full functionality of the gate...including the remote release. Extang claims their product does NOT allow for this as I'd hoped. It's apparently so tight against the gate top that it will not allow it to release into the open position on it's own...user has to physically pull the gate down to ope it. Might just be an innate characteristic of a cover that mounts on the bed rails...needs a tight seal.
  2. Odd...I did ask about the multipro and That was their response. and have not taken delivery of my truck yet but this video shows the gate opening with the click of a remote: Whether it’s motorized or just solenoid opened and allowed to fall open, either way they claim this feature won’t work with that cover. unless someone here has experience to the contrary?
  3. I don’t remember where I heard it first but I contacted Extang and asked and this was their reply: ”Unfortunately, the way these covers are designed prevents these new remote tailgates from functioning. To create a proper seal around all edges of the bed, the cover is too tight against the bedrails to allow the motor of the tailgate to function by itself. You will still be able to open and close the tailgate manually, but the cover will not allow it to open or close by itself.
  4. Anyone here have a hard tri-fold that easily comes completely on and off (no tracks or brackets left behind)? I want to be able to go back and forth between a tonneau and a soft topper/besttop type canopy with as little work as possibly for the hot swap. Want tonneau for day to day and the canopy for the dogs from time to time. Extang's solid fold fits the bill with hand clamps front and back but appears not to work with the multipro. Thx! -John
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