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  1. Truck is going in tomorrow to replace the TCCM. Dont think it will fix it but heres to hoping
  2. Finally got my wheel skin and got some 3M Vinyl did the center caps cut out the bow tie.
  3. Love my truck 19 RST, only problem I have is the service 4wd comes on. Dealership is waiting for GM to get more TCCM in. Gm is completely out, hopefully that fixes it. This is my fix new truck.
  4. Where did you get the black wheel skins? And how much if you dont mind me asking
  5. Went down to my dealer to see if they heard anything on the TCCM they ordered....GM is currently out. So who knows when I'll be getting my part.
  6. Sorry if this has been posted already but I couldnt find anything. I have a 19 RST with 18's on it factory. How big of a wheel size can I put on a stock Silverado RST without lift and what offset? Never done this before, first full size truck
  7. Yeah they updated the software for me the first time. Still didnt fix it. Still waiting for the part to come in
  8. Yes. Mine sometimes would clear after a day or two. I really dont think that's the problem but heres to hoping it does fix it.
  9. Well I'm still waiting on the transfer case module to come in. That's what they said it was.
  10. Nice. It's hard to find good dealerships. This is my first brand new truck and I love it besides the 4wd so far. I hope I dont have more problems
  11. I know this sounds dumb but the leaking oil pan and diff is under warranty?
  12. Mine is at the dealer now. Brought it in for service 4wd and the recalls couple weeks ago. They updated the software and said it would be good. Week later bad snow storm put it in 4 auto and light came back on. So I took it in this past friday and they're waiting for a part. Hopefully it comes in monday. I'm glad I'm not the only one having the problem but disappointed we're having this problem. On a good note I get to drive in the 20 blazer. Probably will be picking one up in a couple of years for the wife.
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