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  1. true that. thanks guys. I'm just being dramatic lol how's the VIN thing work for finding out about previous repairs?
  2. so I just watched my new to me GMC 1500 get towed away to the dealer for a new starter (I've owned it for a year already, haven't driven it too much). I got it CPO with 3,600 on OD, now Ive got 8,900 and a bad starter... bad luck or just a taste of what's to come? still don't know for sure why it ended back at the dealer with 3,600 on it but.... time to start looking into a ride or just some crap luck?
  3. Ah I didn’t know the factory had one. Might ask the dealer about some all black All Terrain badges I have my GMC front and back wrapped myself with some 3M stuff. Holding up 6 months so far, could be cleaner but beats the 150+ they want just for blacked out GMC logo, not even sure 2 come with it lol
  4. True.. well good luck man! Post some pics and videos when you finish! sounds like it’ll be awesome
  5. nice Seems those have more function then the usual drop shackle for just the look
  6. nice ride Looks familiar Thought it was my truck with a lift and larger tires lol what tire are you running? And did you wrap your front GMC emblem black or install the black version?
  7. that’s cool, haven’t heard of those before. What kind of drop do you get with those? and you’re replacing the 5100’s with what? And how come? I too am looking into doing a rear drop with shackles and more than likely replacing the OEM Ranchos. Hoping 3” drop levels me out in the front to back. The lowering thread is like 200 pages long. Still got like 80 pages to go
  8. Nice Seems like a solid unit. Lots of videos about it Might go with a dash cam first Wonder how two things mounted on the mirror wiring would work..? Too much power draw?
  9. Just did a YouTube search for it, lot of options with a powered mirror, nice
  10. That’s awesome What kind of radar detector can you use with this kind of mod? What about dash cams? thanks, brian
  11. lol yeah classic garden complex look thank you. have had it almost a year finally had time to join and post something
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