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  1. I guess that’s possible. It was a LT package that sat on a lot a good while at a dealer in Oklahoma. We bought it in late 09 and they had spiced it up I guess to help sell it. It has 20’s, pinstriping, little Chevy exhaust tip, Bug deflector, some Chevy leather seat covers over the cloth seats that are very nice quality since they are still nice and leather would be trashed by now. Chrome handles and mirrors. Basically a LT made to look like a LTZ besides the radio not being upgraded.
  2. Hey guys new user here! My wife has a 2009 Tahoe. 5.3 engine with 3.42 limited slip axle, tow package etc. it’s fairly low miles still at 130,000. this car has always been kinda a hotrod, much faster than others the same year. I figured it was the rear axle helping it a lot. Anyway at about 90k we started having throttle body issues the dealer said. The car would just die when you hit a bump. 2 different dealers installed 3 TB’s under warranty of some sort. I had a 4th I had to pay for done at about 105k and it’s not given as much trouble. Started dieing in the road again a while back and I put an alternator on and it seems that may have been the real issue. anyway, I’m here because ever since the TB swap I had to pay for this thing is a dog. Like it lost 40HP and 2-3 mpg. I feel like they maybe put the wrong tune in it or something. Is there anything I can do for it?
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