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  1. I own 1997 GMC Sierra K3500 Truck, 97K miles, 4WD, Dump Bed I like this truck. Truck has Kelsey Hayes ABS and the ABS Control Unit part number 12389541 has failed and GMC has a 20 year period for parts availability. I cannot buy a replacement ABS Control Unit and I cannot get the ABS Control Unit rebuilt because it is model 310 Kelsey Hayes Control Unit. If my vehicle was a 1998 model it would have a model 325 ABS Control Unit and I could have a model 325 ABS Control Unit rebuilt. Could I exchange the 310 control unit with a 325 control unit, would it be compatible. How far would I have to go to exchange a 1997 ABS system with a 1998 control system. Or, Any suggestions? I do not want to scrap this truck, VIN#1GDJK34R4VF037190 all suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
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