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  1. Also driving in L9 instead of D will disable the dreaded Start/Stop
  2. in pass side mirror does not always come on....I took it to the dealer and a tech came for a ride with me and thank god it actually happened ! So in it goes Thursday and lets hope they can fix it.....this happen to anyone else ?
  3. I would go to dealer,so far my 2020 Denali shuts off as soon as I open the door
  4. My exhaust tips on my 2020 Terrain Denali get black. I am using super gasoline......anyone else having this issue ?
  5. Does the Equinox have the button shifter and 9 speed trans like my 2020 Denali ? If so use L9 instead of drive and the start stop will not function.
  6. I have a 2020 Terrain Denali and I found that instead of driving in "D" I put it in L9.....same as "D" but start stop does not function.
  7. I have a 2020 Terrain Denali that I am losing faith in ......been back to the dealer almost every week for some electronic problem.....I thought the 04 Vette was advanced ....ha.....I am about to see if they will take it back soon.
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